Master of fine arts candidate Kelsey Felthousen will be using the Fine Arts Center Gallery as a “surveillance site” for her thesis exhibition, according to the University of Arkansas’ Fullbright College website.

Her exhibit, which Felthousen calls myspace, will be running from March 24 through April 4. Felthousen has constructed an inverted home on the Union Mall of the University of Arkansas campus in which she will live during this time period. Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to sit and watch the artist in her “home” via an Internet connection and large screen television set up in the gallery for viewing.

Felthousen said she will be maintaining her normal schedule of school activities and “home” time. She said she can be seen performing her usual home activities except for showering and going to the restroom. According to Felthousen, people often stop by to watch her sleeping.

Felthousen explains her thesis concept as “dealing with the notions of an overexposed, vulnerable society that…feels unprotected. When creating this work I chose to broach the subject of sacred/private space and how that space is being given away freely, without thought of the consequences.

“Sacred space, as defined in this exhibition, is the preciousness of close relationships and the privacy within our lives and homes. One need not search far for evidence of this exposure. It can be seen in all aspects of our society, from television programming to technology,” said Felthousen.

Construction on the outdoor installation piece began on March 14, and a house-warming was held on Friday, March 21. To view the site online, go to

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