How to earn money on the Internet

Even if the scams are numerous, it is possible to earn money on the Internet in 2019. Here’s an overview of some of the methods you may not know.

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  • Read Paid Emails

Well, I guess you can guess what this is all about. You just have to … read emails. As simple as that. Well, most of the time, as on Ba-Click for example, these emails will lead to a visit to a website or a subscription to an offer. Otherwise, you will not be paid.

Again, not enough to buy a Porsche, but a good ten euros per month and site. Sometimes more.

Some people manage to earn enough to pay for a restaurant and a movie each month, mine of anything it is not evil.

Two important tips before you register: create a new email address just for that, as you may receive a lot of spam; and never forget to validate the registration emails after you have registered for an offer or a contest – otherwise, your win will never be validated.

To find out all about paid e-mails, and to find some great tips to maximize your profits, please read this article. And if you want to read the tests of these sites, click on the article that interests you: Ba-Click, Moolineo or Looney.

  • Respond to paid surveys

As its name suggests, this technique consists of responding to online surveys or satisfaction surveys. You are then paid several euros by the brands that ordered the panel.

Of course, if your real goal is how to get rich, I’m sorry that won’t happen by answering paid surveys, but it’s an easy way to supplement your income. You can expect to receive around ten euros per site per month.

There are plenty of paid survey sites, including :

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  • Bet on the horses

Yes, it’s possible to make money from the turf. The trifecta, the quart, the quintessence, it speaks to you?

And you can even do it online. The operators are numerous in this market and PMU; the best known of them is currently offering a welcome bonus of 100 euros.

  • Bet on the sport

You probably thought it was a magic trick, but no, there are people who make money by betting on sports. As you will see below, there are also scams… but if you follow my advice, there will be no problem.

And if you are a resident of France, I even offer you this program that will allow you to earn a minimum of 350 euros through sports betting. A lot of people tested it and loved it. And you don’t need to know. The program is available by following this link.

  • Use the sites Cash back

Cash back is simply about getting a refund on some of your online purchases. To do this, you register on a cash back site, for example, buy club (this link allows you to earn 5 euros welcome) and iGraal (this Affiliate Link allows you to get a 10 euros welcome gift), and you install the shopping bar on your Internet Browser. Then, when you make your purchase on Pixmania or Rue Du Commerce, you will automatically have a credit on your iGraal account. In general, the credit returned is between 3% and 40% of the purchase amount, but I have already seen a 50% cash back.

Click here to register now on Israel, and also, receive € 10 on your account, as a welcome gift! And know that Israel is available is not only available in France, but also in Belgium, Switzerland and elsewhere.

Also, to encourage you to buy, cashback sites often offer you promo codes and discounts. For example, at the time I write this line, there is a 10% discount code on all your TV purchases and home movies Sony. So you’re a double winner.

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