What to invest in to earn money?

Investing to earn money easily and quickly involves making the best decisions and even sometimes big risks. But by acting intelligently, you can make a lot of money from one of the following niches.

You can invest in real estate

The stone sector is a booming industry that you must exploit to make more money. However, you would need to know how the real estate industry works so that you don’t have to make investments that will bring you virtually nothing.

You will not necessarily need a consultant or a professional to support you in your investment: a simple self-study will suffice to equip you with the necessary skills to succeed. This will allow you to save money and, at the same time, take advantage of the benefits that this investment will bring to you.

If you want to invest in real estate, there are two possibilities: an investment in the new or an investment in the old. Depending on your choice, you will benefit from some advantages offered by the state, but also the possibility to rent more quickly.

Investing in new real estate will allow you to have many more discounts, but this is not always the best investment. The former can sometimes be more beneficial to you as in the long run it can be more profitable to you.

When renting, the old one will be much cheaper than the new one, so the old one will be more likely to have tenants. Also, any work you do in the old one will be tax-deductible. Logically, you will earn much more by investing in the old, but it also depends on your location.

That’s why it’s important to start by doing a market survey to identify the areas that are most likely to make you money quickly.

Real estate investment is one of the only investments that offer the possibility of self-financing. This self-financing is done through leverage, i.e., you apply for a loan, and the rents you collect will be used to repay your loan, including interest, taxes, etc.

Also, you will always have a few extra euros for your expenses every month. Once your credit is paid in full, you will be able to fully enjoy your rents.

You can invest in the stock exchange

Anyone can invest in the stock market, even when you don’t know anything about it. There are several risks involved in investing in a stock exchange that is sometimes worth taking. That said, If you want to get rich, you have no choice but to take some risks anyway.

In general, it is better to invest just after the crashes, buying after the crashes you can save a lot. The problem arises very often at the time of sale because it’s not always easy to know when is the best time to sell.

Since this investment niche is quite complex, you must first take a long training course. The other option would be to have a professional in the field assist you, but know it; it will make you spend more.

In reality, this professional will face the same difficulties as you, so it is not excluded that you are able to make the best decisions. To do this, you must try to train from a virtual wallet on Boursorama and many other sites for example.

You also have the possibility to open a savings in shares Plan (PEA) that will require a very small amount and after five years of opening you will be able to take advantage of huge tax advantages.

Also, you can open a life insurance policy and to these accounts you can place trackers that will follow the largest stock exchange Capitals. You will therefore have all the information on the different stock markets, which will allow you to know when to invest in stock exchanges.

You can invest in REITS

A civil Real Estate Investment Company (SCPI) is an excellent way to earn money to round up the ends of the month. So you can buy shares in the SCPI, and the companies in charge of leasing the property will have to pay you back rent every month.

The SCPI are rental companies, whether they are housing, offices, shops, etc. you have the possibility to benefit from the leverage effect that is to say, to buy your SCPI on credit. Leverage will allow you to repay this credit without having to collect your personal income.

This investment can sometimes be risky because you won’t always be sure of having tenants, but the CSPI are in charge of finding them for you. To reduce your credit (if you make this investment with a credit), you can add your contribution.

If you have the necessary means, you can use it for your investment and thus you will have virtually no credit to repay.