Truman Lake Facility and Elevation Update

By Guest Contributor

First posted on 08-01-2008

Truman Lake Facility and Elevation Update #8

Posted: 24 Jul 2008

Truman Lake flood waters continue to recede. Currently the conditions are favorable for the Corps of Engineers Water Management Team to continue releasing flood waters. Most of the closed facilities have been reopened. As of Saturday, July 26, all of the beaches except for the ones at Thibaut Point and Berry Bend will be open.

This is a partial list of Corps-managed facilities on July 25:

All marinas—Open

Berry Bend Campground—Open

Berry Bend Boat Ramp—Open

Berry Bend Beach—Closed

Berry Bend Equestrian Campground—Open

Bucksaw Campground—Open

Cooper Creek Riding Area—Open

Fairfield Boat Ramp—Open

Long Shoal Campground—Open

Long Shoal Beach—Open

Long Shoal Boat Ramp—Open

Osage Bluff Campground—Open

Osage Bluff Boat Ramp—Open

Sparrowfoot Campground—Open

Sparrowfoot Beach—Open

Talley Bend Campground—Open

Talley Bend Boat Ramp—Open

Thibaut Point Campground—Open

Thibaut Point Boat Ramp—Open

Thibaut Point Beach—Closed

Shawnee Bend Beach—Open

Shawnee Bend Boat Ramp—Open

Windsor Crossing Campground—Open

Windsor Crossing Boat Ramp—Open

Windsor Crossing Beach—Open

If you have questions about campsite closures you may call the reservation service at toll free at (877) 444-6777, or you may check them online at Many of the back roads are inundated with lake water. Do not attempt to cross any place covered in water no matter how deep you think the water is. As with any flood event, debris is carried into the lake by rivers and streams, so be watchful when boating.

Please check with the Harry S. Truman State Park regarding the status of their facilities. You may contact them at (660) 438-7711.

For daily lake information, you may contact (660) 438-7317 ext. 2, or

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