Suicidal Springfield Subject Shoots Self During Police Negotiations

Story by:Guest Contributor

First posted on 09-10-2007

Late yesterday evening, Springfield Emergency 911 received multiple calls from a particular subject threatening suicide, from various locations in the city.  Police responded to each call, but were not able to contact the caller, who would move each time before officers arrived.

At approximately 1:30AM on September 8th, 07, a Springfield Police Officer noticed a vehicle driving without headlights in the area of Campbell/Sunshine. He attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver failed to yield. The officer followed the vehicle, as the driver was exhibiting signs of being intoxicated.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop in front of 2035 S Wellington Ave. By that time, the officer had learned the plates on the vehicle checked to Thomas Uffmann, of Springfield, who had been making the previously mentioned calls to 911. The officer approached the vehicle, but immediately saw the driver had positioned a shotgun in a suicidal manner. The officer backed away, in an effort to de-escalate the situation, and called for help.

Additional officers arrived and contact was made with the driver via cell phone, after Police established a safety perimeter. Police had negotiated with the driver for approximately 30 minutes when the subject lowered his shotgun and pointed it at perimeter officers. In defense, a Police officer fired two handgun rounds at the subject.

Soon after the officer fired his weapon, the subject once again positioned the shotgun in a suicidal manner and quickly fired the weapon, killing himself instantly.

Detectives were sent to process the scene for any potential evidence. At this time, it is unknown if the subject was struck by the rounds fired by police. That determination is expected to be made during the autopsy, which is scheduled for noon, the day of this release.

Investigation into the incident is ongoing. The family of the deceased has been notified. The name of the officer involved will be withheld pending further review.