Sportsmen Have Opportunity to Donate to AHFH Through License Sales

By Arkansas Game and Fish

First posted on 05-18-2012

Beginning this week, sportsmen will have the option to donate $1 to Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry when they purchase their Arkansas Game and Fish Commission license.

AHFH is a nonprofit organization that helps Arkansans in need of food. AHFH also is designed to partner with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to provide a healthy, balanced deer herd and provide a much-needed free, low-fat, high-protein food source to the many feeding agencies and organizations across the state. The organization also allows participating hunters a venue to give back and share their bounty with others.

It is a community-minded program that provides venison and other wild game to those in need. Organizations, businesses and churches have joined farmers and hunters to transform an abundant white-tailed deer population into a renewable food source for the hungry.

Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry is a highly successful program that has provided more than 2 million meals to the state’s most needy citizens. The success of the program depends upon the generosity of hunters to donate venison and other wild game, cooperation from meat processors throughout the state, support from local food distribution organizations, and the financial contributions of businesses and other citizens.

The organization needs to raise about $100,000 annually to fund the program. For more information about the organization go to: