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Poetry From Micheal Hecht Available

By Guest Contributor




Deep below the sea there is evidence of Mankind’s folly. The primeval ocean currents have altered their paths. Pollution has been caused by the trials and tribulations of thousands of warships as well as the burgeoning expulsion of millions of gallons of black oil. Man has carved his signature on the lives of every sea creature and has earned the ire of every oceanographer and biologist.

Collectibles are available in many stalls, but the food stalls may not last for long. How much longer can the ocean absorb Mankind’s self interest?

Mankind’s habit of using drift nets to haul in his catch is leading to abominable conditions both under the sea and above. The contention that there is enough done by throwing back the useless, tasteless ones including sharks, turtles, seabirds and marine animals has little validity as their chutes generally do not function and by the time the fish are shaken loose they are dead. Any fisherman knows this. A third hand has two hands tied behind his back so even if he wants to save these fish, he cannot, not without losing his livelihood.

The marks on the seabed are so severe that any attempts to restore the ecosystem will take hundreds perhaps thousands of earth years. As the snow falls discolored and the news of the warming trends become obvious, there will be a rush to the past for any and all news, including this book.

There is no more time for theories. The time for action is now. Now is the time for all Men and Women to search their souls for the truth, to reach deep within themselves and save their Mother earth.

The greed motivated by economic self interest of many of the world’s nations must be defeated in the marketplace.

The pledge of allegiance which every child learns talks about the liberty and justice that is available for all the inhabitants of America. It dares to be insulted.


So get out your shovels and get out of bed.

The universe is beckoning; get ready to shed,

All your belongings and all of your goods.

The aim is to bring in the entire neighborhood.

Action only action must happen now

Or do nothing at all. Do nothing at all.

The earth in inaction certainly can’t last,

Including Chow Chow.

She will be a thing of the past.

Now where’s Chow Chow, where’s Chow Chow, oh where could she be?

Chow Chow, my Chow Chow was buried at sea. ©2006-2008 Korpella Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved.