High Water Closes Deer Hunting on Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA

By Arkansas Game and Fish

First posted on 10-15-2009

This week’s heavy rains have resulted in significant rises in the level of the White River. The flooding has forced the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to cancel the deer muzzleloader permit hunt on Henry Gray Hurricane Lake Wildlife Management Area in eastern Arkansas. The hunt was scheduled to begin on Oct. 17 and continue through Oct. 21. Until water levels on the White River recede, archery deer hunting also is closed on the WMA.

Hunters who won permits through the AGFC’s permit draw will receive refunds for the permit fees. In the coming weeks, the AGFC will mail refunds to all hunters who won permits and paid permit fees for the cancelled hunts.

“We have a database of all the hunters who will be affected, so anyone that won a permit and bought the permit can expect a refund and their preference points adjusted accordingly,” said David Goad, AGFC Chief of the Wildlife Management Division.

In accordance with the current flood prone zone closure criteria for Flood Prone Region B, when water on the White River gauge at Augusta exceeds 26 feet, deer hunting is immediately suspended until water levels fall below 14 feet on the gauge at Georgetown. The gauge at Augusta is presently reading in excess of 29 feet.

According to AGFC deer program coordinator Brad Miller, the closure is necessitated due to the density of deer herd on high ground. “The flood closure levels were developed to protect deer from over harvest when flooding causes wildlife to concentrate on higher ground in and around the area,” Miller said.

For more information on the flood prone regions of the state, go to: http://www.agfc.com/hunting/misc_hunting/floodprone.aspx