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State Forest Nursery Taking Orders for 2008 – by Jim Low

By Guest Contributor


LICKING, Mo.-Jack pine, Norway spruce, pecan, paw-paw and witch hazel seedlings are among offerings from the George O. White State Forest Nursery for 2008. Landowners who order now will increase their chances of getting what they want in the wake of a damaging freeze.

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s 748-acre nursery near Licking produces millions of tree and shrub seedlings each year to help Missourians make their land more productive for wildlife. This year the nursery suffered severe losses due to a freak freeze in early April. Nursery Supervisor Greg Hoss said the losses significantly reduced the supply of tree and shrub seedlings available this year.

“We lost several hundred thousand plants,” said Hoss. “The good news is that we had a good growing season after that, and many of the seedlings that survived are larger than usual.”

In spite of losses, the state forest nursery’s offerings remain diverse, ranging from seven kinds of pine trees to pecans, redbuds, wild plums and a new selection – paw-paw seedlings. In all, Missourians can choose from 60 species ranging from majestic oaks to elderberry and buckbrush.

Plants come in bundles of 25 seedlings for $3 to $24, depending on species. A $5 shipping and handling charge is added to each order, plus 5.725 percent sales tax, unless the order is accompanied by a tax-exemption certificate.

The state forest nursery also sells bundles with plant assortments for specific purposes. These sell for $13 to $24. Special bundles include:

–The Conservation Bundle, with five seedlings of each of six species for $13

–The Wildlife Cover Bundle, with 10 seedlings of each of five species for $16

–The Extra-Large Nut Tree Bundle, with 15 large seedlings each of pecan and black walnut for $15

–The Quail Cover Bundle, with 15 seedlings of each of five species for $24

–The Pecan Variety Bundle, with 10 seedlings each of Mullahy, Posey and Colby varieties and five of Peruque variety for $21

The nursery is now accepting orders. A full list of trees and shrubs available through the state forest nursery is available at Or, you can call 573/674-3229 and request a catalog by mail.

Missouri Conservation Heritage Card holders can receive a 15 percent discount up to $20 off their seedling purchases. To receive the discount, write your card number on the order form. The Heritage Card discount does not apply to handling charges and sales tax.

The Heritage Card can be purchased for $2 wherever hunting and fishing permits are sold. The card, similar in appearance to a credit card, makes applying for permits easier by storing registration information on a magnetic strip. The card also allows the owner to receive a 15 percent discount on selected retail merchandise sold at Conservation Department facilities. To order a Heritage Card by phone, call 800-392-4115.

-Jim Low- ©2006-2007 Korpella Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved.