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“Elvis Never Actually Left the Building” but the Museum Will

By RandyR


For 17 years, Bill Beeny has run The Elvis is Alive Museum in Wright City, Missouri, about an hour’s drive west of St. Louis. Now, his collection of Elvis memorabilia is being sold on eBay as the 81 year old Beeny looks for someone else to take up the cause.

The unique collection includes books, photos, FBI files and replica items commemorating Elvis’ life – a Cadillac as well as the casket and gravestone from his funeral. There is also a tape recording purported to be Elvis’ voice from an answering machine six years after his death.

The FBI files are stacks of documents that Beeny says proves the King’s growing involvement with federal authorities. Beeny’s theory is that Elvis is in the federal Witness Protection Program as a result of assistance he provided to law enforcement officials in major drug cases.

Beeny, a western Kentucky Baptist minister and fifty year Missouri resident, is selling the items to pursue something different. He says he has an overwhelming desire to help others so Beeny plans to serve the needy in Warren County with a providing senior services, child care, a food pantry and counseling for addictions.

Beeny said he’ll miss Elvis, “but life has its changes. You have to let go.” He is hoping now that someone else will take up the banner that Elvis lives and will open a new museum.

The museum shares a building with Beeny’s real estate business and what was once his 1950’s Café. He said he began doubting Elvis’ death after his restaurant customers asked questions “that could not be answered.”

Eventually, Beeny was able to obtain tissue samples from a Memphis doctor that said they came from Elvis Presley. Beeny also said he found tissue samples from the Presley corpse but the two samples did not match. Beeny then went on to write a book, “Elvis’ DNA Proves He’s Alive!”

Interested in visiting the museum (free admission) before it’s all gone? Here’s directions and an “about us” blurb from the museum’s website:

Discovering the truth that Elvis never actually left the building, 80-year-old Missourian, Bill Beeny, opened the “Elvis Is Alive Museum” 15 years ago to tell the world his story. Located an hour’s drive west of St. Louis, just off Interstate 70, look for the 16 foot wooden Elvis (it’s the only 16 foot wooden Elvis on the street) and you’ll find a museum filled with photos and newspaper clippings, and even a casket displaying an Elvis mannequin. The museum is also home to thousands of pages of FBI files which shows Elvis’ involvement with the FBI and DEA as an agent, the DNA sample analysis which proved the body in the coroner’s report was that of a different man, handwriting and voiceprint files from “The King” discovered after his supposed death, and hundreds of facts refuting the notion that Elvis Presley had departed from this world.

Comments: ©2006-2007 Korpella Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved.