Buffalo National River Deputy Superintendent

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Buffalo National River

First posted on 12-19-2014

Laura A. Miller, former Superintendent of President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site [Hope, AR], has been named Deputy Superintendent of Buffalo National River [Harrison, AR].

“I’m very pleased to announce that Laura Miller is joining the Buffalo River management team.” said Superintendent Kevin Cheri. “Laura was instrumental in the establishment and development of both Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site and the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities and a strong commitment to excellence in the National Park Service.”

Miller began her NPS career at Little Rock Central High School NHS in 2001, and was appointed Superintendent of the Clinton Birthplace Home in 2011. She also served a detail as Acting Superintendent at Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site in 2008. At both Central High School NHS and Clinton Birthplace Home, she worked to transition nonprofit museums into new national historic sites. As a part of these efforts, Miller served on numerous planning projects including the General Management Plan and Historic Resources Study for Central High School and Cultural Landscape Reports, Historic Structures Reports, and Comprehensive Interpretive Plans for both parks. As a critical component in the development of these new parks, Miller developed and maintained key partnerships and planned and coordinated programs with diverse community organizations.

“Buffalo National River is an amazing resource,” said Miller, who is an avid floater and hiker. “I look forward to working with the park staff and surrounding communities to protect and preserve the unique features that make Buffalo River such a special place for so many.”

A San Antonio, Texas, native, Miller earned both her bachelor of business administration and master of arts in public history through the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She completed the National Park Service’s emerging leaders consortium program in December 2004.

Miller has long been active in the history and museum communities in the state. She is a past president of the Arkansas Historical Association, the Arkansas Museums Association, the Little Rock Museums Consortium, and the Arkansas Women’s History Institute. She also serves on the National Park Service’s Civil War to Civil Rights national planning team.