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Certain Bats Might Not Know | freshare.netFall Fishing on the Ouachita River | freshare.netDog Waste Contaminates Our Waterways | freshare.netSmoke in the Air | freshare.net2014 Arkansas Fall Color Updates Now Available | freshare.netWeekly Fall Color Reports Available | freshare.netFracking Wastewater That Is Treated for Drinking Produces Harmful Compounds | freshare.netDiscover Nature with Elk Driving Tours | freshare.netGlade Restoration Workshop Planned for Calico Rock | freshare.netA Day on the River: A National Hunting and Fishing Day Event |‘Green Wave’ Explains Migratory Bird Routes | freshare.netPesticides Levels Still a Concern for Aquatic Life in Rivers and Streams | freshare.netWalking Off Obesity | freshare.netA Future for Agroforestry | freshare.netCamden Doctor Has Battled Feral Hogs for Years | freshare.netPassenger Pigeon Centennial a Conservation Milestone | freshare.netHunter Observation Form Goes Electronic | freshare.netCape Nature Center Hosts Missouri Author-Artist Duo | freshare.netMDC to Hold Vehicle and Equipment Auction Oct. 18 in Salem | freshare.netView ‘Caterpillars with Character’ at Cape Nature Center | freshare.netMaster Gardener Courses Being Offered in Hollister and Ozark | freshare.netEvent at Rockwoods Reservation to Commemorate the Passenger Pigeon | freshare.netFun on the Farm | freshare.netPollutant Risk Changes When Bugs Take Flight | freshare.netGo Mobile with New, Free MDC “MO Hunting” App | freshare.netFall Armyworms Infesting Some Oklahoma Lawns | freshare.netStatistics Show Arkansas Ranking High in Deer Categories | freshare.netMDC Provides Columbia High Schools with Outdoor Equipment | freshare.netBaby Alligator Found at Bull Shoals Lake | freshare.netMDC Hosts Women’s Trout Fishing Event at Maramec Spring Park | freshare.netYoung Birds Delay Departure, Make Frequent Stopovers During First Migration | freshare.netConservation Department Continues Alligator Gar Restoration | freshare.netArkansas Bear Survey Needs Eyes in the Field | freshare.netLawn Care Professional Workshop in Springfield Sept. 2 | freshare.netLawn, Gardening or Insect Problem:  Who Ya Going to Call? | freshare.netHunter Education Skills Session on MU Campus | freshare.netLearn About Tree Health and Garden Pest Control at Master Gardener Seminar | freshare.netMU Scientists Call for Increased Conservation Efforts to Save Black Bears | freshare.netA Global Temperature Conundrum: Cooling or Warming Climate? |

Exploring the Ozarks Outdoors:

Title Excerpt Author Date
Nuisance the Most Likely Outcome When Feeding Wild Animals Maybe it’s all the movies we watched growing up or the abundance of YouTube videos of deer, foxes and coyotes feeding from our backyards. Whatever the reason, we have an unrealistic view about feeding wildlife, and it can result in a nuisance and even danger. “Wild animals like raccoons, deer,… University of Arkansas 02/20/14
Ground-Penetrating Radar, Water-Monitoring Stations Set Up by Big Creek Research Team Researchers conducting an in-depth examination of a controversial hog farm in the Buffalo River watershed have been employing ground-penetrating radar, grid soil-sampling and water-monitoring devices as they lay groundwork for the multi-phase, long-term study, according to a report submitted to the governors’ office. The Big Creek Research and Extension Team,… University of Arkansas 02/13/14
Saturated Ground, Ice Weight Still Mean Danger of Falling Trees, Branches Even though the storm system that encased many parts of Arkansas in ice has past, there is still potential for damage from falling trees and limbs, Tamara Walkingstick, associate director of the Arkansas Forest Resources Center, said Friday. “There are two factors that make the current situation dangerous,” she said.… University of Arkansas 02/07/14
Winter Provides Ideal Conditions for Wildfires in Arkansas Winter winds, low humidity and dried vegetation are an ideal combination for wildfires, say extension foresters with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. And there’s one more factor that adds to the fire danger, said Jon Barry, an extension forester based at the Southwest Research and Extension Center… University of Arkansas 01/24/14
Deer, Coyotes, Birds, Bear Cubs Are Not Outdoor Pets We love to watch wildlife. According to U.S. Census Bureau, 96 percent of Arkansans love watching, feeding or photographing wildlife near our homes. However cute or compelling these animals may be, they should never be considered pets, said Becky McPeake, extension wildlife specialist for the University of Arkansas System Division… University of Arkansas 01/17/14
Imported Pest of Crape Myrtles Spotted in Little Rock About a decade after being first spotted in Texas, an imported pest of crape myrtles has been found in Arkansas, extension entomologists for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture said. An import from Asia, the crape myrtle bark scale insect lives off plant sap. In large enough numbers,… University of Arkansas 01/17/14
Hoping for Fewer Ticks, Fire Ants This Summer? Arkansas’s record-breaking cold may have seemed to last forever, but it still wasn’t long enough to make a dent in the state’s pest populations, said John Hopkins, extension urban entomologist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. The National Weather Service reported record lows in several spots Tuesday,… University of Arkansas 01/17/14
A Bee-nanza of Beginning Beekeeping Classes The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service will be offering beginning beekeeping classes in Fayetteville, Fort Smith and Little Rock, staring in January. Two of the events are short courses, which running three consecutive weeks. The third event “Beekeeping for Beeginners Youth Class,” runs 18 weeks from January to March.… University of Arkansas 12/18/13
Arkansas 5th Graders Discover Importance of Water Quality, Ecosystems Huntsville Intermediate School recently was swarmed with dragonflies, mayflies and leeches. While the invasion only lasted for a half day on Oct. 29, the 5th graders participating in the water quality education program that had them posing as these macro-invertebrates will last awhile. The water quality outreach and education program… University of Arkansas 11/22/13
Soils of Arkansas Book Explores Characteristics of Key Resource The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture has released Soils of Arkansas, a 136-page book with maps, photos and commentary based on 50 years of soil surveys across the state. The Division published the book through a cooperative agreement with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), an agency of… University of Arkansas 11/07/13
Spoons, Knives and Woolly Bears: the Art of Folkways Winter Predictions Do knives, spoons in seeds and woolly bear stripes translate into an accurate winter forecast? Last year, the majority of persimmon seeds found by Extension personnel had spoon shapes, indicating lots of wet, heavy snow. The Christmas 2012 blizzard and the record-setting May 2013 snow seems to bear out the… University of Arkansas 10/15/13
1,000 Master Gardeners Mark Program’s 25th Anniversary About 1,000 Arkansas Master Gardeners were expected in Little Rock on Monday to mark the 25th anniversary of the program’s founding. “The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service started a Master Gardener volunteer program 25 years ago with a class of 30 people,” said Janet Carson, extension horticultural specialist. “Today,… University of Arkansas 10/15/13
Beekeeping Shortcourse Set for Little Rock Wanna-bes can learn to be beekeepers at a no-cost short course for beginners being held in Little Rock on Oct. 8, 15, and 22. The course consists of three sessions, each one building on the knowledge form the previous week. All classes in the course will be held at the… University of Arkansas 10/08/13
Composting Subtracts from Your Waste to Add to Garden Composting is a great way to reduce food wastes and add nutrients to your garden; and best of all, it doesn’t require expensive tools or a lot of work. “Compost is an ecosystem all its own,” said Berni Kurz, Washington County extension staff chair for the University of Arkansas says… University of Arkansas 09/09/13
New Pest Confirmed in Arkansas: Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Scientists have confirmed the presence of a new insect pest in Arkansas, one that feeds on bermudagrass, but isn’t expected to be too problematic for ranchers or hay producers. Entomologists for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture confirmed a finding of the bermudagrass stem maggot in a field… University of Arkansas 08/29/13
Registration Opens for Conference to Show Case Water Quality Projects The ripple effects of efforts to improve water quality can extend well beyond the banks of rivers and lakes.  For example, a project in Little Rock to stem water pollution from “nonpoint sources” such as over-fertilized lawns, litter or pet wastes, will do more than just improve local water quality.… University of Arkansas 08/29/13
‘Bioblitz’ Identifies Arthropod Museum’s Holdings The third floor of the Agriculture Building on the University of Arkansas campus has a bug problem. That is, it had a bug problem. The Arthropod Museum, maintained by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, contains thousands of insect specimens — some 750,000 specimens, as it turns out.… University of Arkansas 08/22/13
Registration Open for Fall 2013 Walk Across Arkansas From Bella Vista to Lake Village, hundreds of Arkansans will be donning their running shoes and racking up as many walking minutes as they can between Sept. 30-Nov. 24 for the fall 2013 edition of Walk Across Arkansas. “For almost a decade, Arkansans statewide have been taking advantage of this… University of Arkansas 08/22/13
Workshop Demonstrates How Landowners Can Earn Money From Their Property Landowners looking to make the most from their acreage can learn ways to earn money from their property at the Outdoor Enterprises Workshop in Lonoke. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m., and the presentations run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Hicks Family Farm on Lasiter Rd. in Lonoke on… University of Arkansas 08/22/13
Lee Creek Cleanup Set for Sept. 7 Scores of volunteers will be patrolling the shores of Lee Creek on Saturday, Sept. 7 for the creek’s annual Keep Arkansas Beautiful cleanup. Check-in opens at 9 a.m. at the day use horse parking in Devil’s Den State Park, at the west end of the park just off Arkansas 220.… University of Arkansas 08/15/13
31 Selected for Lake Maumelle Watershed Task Force The 31 members of the freshly selected Lake Maumelle Watershed Task Force are being polled to schedule the first meeting of an expected months-long process to review zoning laws affecting the watershed. The watershed is the primary drinking water source for Central Arkansas and has many other uses, including residential… University of Arkansas 07/25/13
Arkansas’ Public Spaces Can Be Beautified with Greening of Arkansas Grants If you’ve ever wanted a community garden or neighborhood park, you and your neighbors can apply for a grant to fund projects to beautify public spaces throughout the state. The deadline to apply is Sept. 16. For more information, please contact Merilyn Tilley,, or Krista Quinn, The Arkansas… University of Arkansas 07/25/13
Saving an American Treasure, Nut by Nut Sharp eyes, gloves and a GPS unit can turn a walk in the woods into a species-saver for the Ozark Chinquapin. The Ozark chinquapin, once a dominant forest tree whose range extended from the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri south to Texas and Louisiana, is now more akin to an… University of Arkansas 07/18/13
Work Outside? Take Heat Seriously Those who work outdoors need to take heat safety seriously, said Lisa Washburn, assistant professor-health for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. “According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, heat was blamed for the deaths of 423 workers between 1992-2006,” she said. “Of that total… University of Arkansas 07/04/13
Look for Changes on Sunscreen Packages Don’t be surprised if advertisements and packaging for sunscreen products look a little different this summer, said Lisa Washburn, assistant professor-health for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. “This summer, a new set of sunscreen regulations will affect what consumers see on store shelves,” she said. “Not all… University of Arkansas 07/04/13
Lake Maumelle Task Force Draws 65 Applications A three-member selection committee has 65 applications to sort through after people from across Pulaski County responded to a call to serve on the Lake Maumelle Watershed Stakeholder Task Force, a group that will review Pulaski County’s zoning ordinance for the watershed. “There is no pre-determined number of members that… University of Arkansas 06/27/13
Happy Fish, Sea Monkeys Help Bring Storm Drain Message Home in NW Arkansas Happy fish, sea monkeys, flowers and local landmarks are all part UpStream Art 2013, the second year of a public art campaign to show that storm drains carry runoff directly into nature and not to wastewater processing. “Many people are unaware that what flows into the area’s storm drains doesn’t… University of Arkansas 05/09/13
It’s May. It’s Arkansas. It’s Snowing. Hello snow. Goodbye zucchinis. Friday’s snowfall in northwest Arkansas was a record setter. Never before had snow been recorded in May in Arkansas, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures dropped steeply with the snow and a freeze watch was posted for Benton, Carroll, Madison and Washington counties through Saturday… University of Arkansas 05/03/13
Spring’s Pollen Outburst a Feast for Bees Spring’s pollen outburst may be a smorgasbord of suffering for humans with allergies, but it’s a protein-packed buffet for bees. “They are having a great time out there,” said Jon Zawislak, extension bee specialist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Beekeepers dub spring the “honey flow” or… University of Arkansas 04/26/13
Abandoned Pesticide Collection Program Removes More Than 1 Million Pounds A program to gather outdated, unused or otherwise unwanted agricultural pesticides to keep them out of the environment has collected more than 1 million pounds of pesticides, the Abandoned Pesticide Advisory Board said Tuesday. Reducing the risk of human and environmental exposure, plus having the chemicals properly disposed of at… University of Arkansas 04/26/13
Honey Bees Generating Buzz in Arkansas Despite stingers and an unfair reputation, bees are becoming quite popular in backyards and farms across the country.  With beekeeping classes filling up and registered colonies on the rise, many people are wondering what the buzz is all about. In 2012, the Arkansas State Plant Board counted 1,850 registered beekeepers… University of Arkansas 04/11/13
55 Rabies Cases Reported in Arkansas Pope County has the highest number of rabid animal reports so far in 2013, its 11 cases constituting nearly a fourth of all cases reported as of April 2, according to figures from the state Health Department. There were 55 cases reported in 20 counties. They are: • Pope County… University of Arkansas 04/11/13
Excess Fuel, Rising Spring Temps Raise Wildfire Danger Throughout Arkansas Rain and snow statewide have helped drop the wildfire danger from moderate to low for most of Arkansas on Friday, but continued drought, plus deadfall from December’s ice and snow storms mean wildfire risks haven’t dropped from the radar. Howard, Little River, Montgomery, Pike, Polk, Scott, Sevier and Yell counties… University of Arkansas 03/28/13
Spring 2013 Walk Across Arkansas Begins March 11 Walking shoes? Check. Teammates? Check. A resolution to make exercise a habit? Check. With that part of the checklist complete, it’s now time to register for the spring 2013 edition of Walk Across Arkansas. Walk Across Arkansas, an eight-week opportunity that has inspired thousands of Arkansans to get moving, begins… University of Arkansas 02/28/13
Wintry Weather Brings Much-needed Moisture to Drought Areas The winter storm system that prompted schools to let out early on Wednesday and delayed school and office openings on Thursday, has dropped some much-needed moisture in a state still struggling with drought. Waves of thunderstorms, some with hail, rolled across parts of the state Thursday morning, while some were… University of Arkansas 02/22/13
Backyard Poultry Workshop Teaches Success in Managing a Home Flock If you have a chicken coop or are just contemplating raising chickens in your own backyard, the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, P. Allen Smith, Purina and the Heritage Poultry Conservancy will show you how. Join Smith and Mikelle Roeder, Dustin Clark and Keith Bramwell for the Backyard… University of Arkansas 02/22/13
UpStreamArt: Where Public Art and Education Come Together Artists will have a chance to exhibit their talents on an unusual public forum: the storm drains of Washington and Benton counties, thanks to the 2013 UpStream Art project. 2013 marks the second year for the project, which is part of the educational mission for stormwater educators in northwest Arkansas.… University of Arkansas 02/01/13
Heavy Rain Could Pose Additional Problems for Blizzard-damaged Trees Expected heavy rain this week means Arkansans with teetering trees that could cause injury or damage, might consider addressing them sooner than later, said Tamara Walkingstick, associate director, Arkansas Forest Resources Center. Arkansas’ Christmas Day blizzard was hard on landscapes – with heavy, wet snow bending and breaking trees and… University of Arkansas 01/11/13
Morrilton Conference Addresses ‘The Farm Bill: What Next?’ The 2008 Farm Bill will live a little longer, thanks to some legislative duct tape, but fight for a new farm bill is far from over. What could happen next will be addressed Jan. 30 at a conference to be held at the Conway County Fair Grounds in Morrilton.  The… University of Arkansas 01/11/13
36K Injured Each Year Learn That Chain Saws Demand Respect, Care As more people begin cleaning up downed trees and snapped limbs after the Christmas Day blizzard, users, both new and seasoned, should remember that chain saws demand respect. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 36,000 people are treated in hospital emergency departments each year for injuries… University of Arkansas 01/11/13
Winter Storm Brings Needed Moisture to NWA, Damage Elsewhere Farmers and cattlemen in southern and northwest Arkansas are welcoming the moisture brought by a record Christmas Day blizzard, say Cooperative Extension Service agents with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. However, in areas where the snow was heaviest, damage was still being assessed. Between 10-15 inches of… University of Arkansas 01/04/13
‘Green Your Life’ Online Course Now Available Through April 1 Gardeners, landscapers, homeowners and others concerned about protecting local water quality can take advantage of “Green Your Life,” a self-paced online course being offered by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. “This is a great opportunity for green thumbs to grow a blue thumb too,” said Katie Teague, Washington… University of Arkansas 12/07/12
Neutral El Nino Could Mean Ice Storms for Arkansas this Winter The winter forecast for landlocked Arkansas depends in large part on the temperature of the equatorial waters in the Pacific Ocean. If the water is warmer than normal for several months, these El Nino conditions generally mean a cool, wet winter in the southern U.S. When the water is cool,… University of Arkansas 11/29/12
Storm Drains No Place for Used Cooking Oil The fried turkey has been reduced to bones, the last dishwasher load has been put up and leftovers neatly packed in the freezer. So, what to do with all the cooking oil that made the Thanksgiving turkey so good? “Don’t even think about pouring it down a storm drain or… University of Arkansas 11/27/12
Folkways: Persimmon Seed Predictions for Winter Long before computer models for forecasting the winter ahead, there were simpler, folksier tools: persimmon seeds, woolly bear caterpillars and squirrels. “There are long-held traditions about looking to nature for signs of the weather ahead,” said Tamara Walkingstick, associate director of the Arkansas Forest Resources Center, part of the University… University of Arkansas 11/20/12
Winter Weather Awareness Week Through Friday Freezing temperatures in the last few weeks have given Arkansas its first taste of winter, a sign to be prepared for ice and snow ahead. Gov. Mike Beebe has proclaimed Nov. 12-16 as Winter Weather Awareness Week in Arkansas, according to the National Weather Service. Although last winter was mild,… University of Arkansas 11/16/12
Conference Covered Hypoxia, Fracking, Water Plan An update of the state water plan, legal issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – for natural gas and a big picture look at curtailing hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico, were among the issues presented at “Water; The Choices – Water Law and Policy Conference,” held Thursday at… University of Arkansas 11/09/12
Conference Imparts Development from a Water Quality Perspective Techniques for constructing residential, commercial and government projects that work in harmony with rainwater are the topic of the Oct. 26 Blue Pathways workshop at Fayetteville Town Center. Registration for the conference closes Oct. 19. The conference will be held at Fayetteville Town Center, 15 W. Mountain Road. To register,… University of Arkansas 10/17/12
Gulf Hypoxia, Fracking on Water Conference Agenda Nov. 8 The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico and fracking are on the agenda for the Nov. 8 “Water: The Choices: Water Law and Policy Conference” being held at the C.A. Vine Arkansas 4-H Center. The conference keynote speaker is Joseph Dellapenna, law professor at Villanova University, a co-author of… University of Arkansas 10/10/12
Autumn Walk Across Arkansas Begins Oct. 7 Walk Across Arkansas, an eight-week opportunity that has inspired thousands of Arkansans to get moving, begins its fall edition on Oct. 7. Registration opened Sept. 23. Registration is available online at:, or by contacting your county extension office.  The Walk Across Arkansas campaign is coordinated by the Cooperative Extension… University of Arkansas 09/25/12
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