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Wetlands Are Just Ducky


Mallard ducks monitored with satellite tracking technology during their 2011-2012 migrations extensively used public and private wetland conservation areas, a joint research program has found.

This is the first time that ducks have been so…[read further]

By Randy Mertens


Beware of Hungry Bears


Black bears normally are shy and elusive, but the Missouri Department of Conservation urges those few Missourians lucky enough to see bears to keep them at arm’s length. Keeping bears wild not only protects people and property – it protects…[read further]

By Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation


Scientists Track Gene Activity When Honey Bees Do and Don’t Eat Honey


Many beekeepers feed their honey bees sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup when times are lean inside the hive. This practice has come under scrutiny, however, in response to colony collapse disorder, the massive—and as yet not fully explained—annual die-off of…[read further]

University of Illinois


Catalpa Worms Give a Strong Boost to Summer Fishing


Two words can help Arkansas anglers shake off the mid-summer fishing blues: Catalpa worm. Experienced anglers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission agree that catalpa worms are superb for fishing in this area, especially for bream and catfish. Almost…[read further]

By Arkansas Game and Fish


Amphibians Can Acquire Resistance to Deadly Fungus


Emerging fungal pathogens pose a greater threat to biodiversity than any other parasitic group, causing population declines of amphibians, bats, corals, bees and snakes. New research from the University of South Florida published in the prestigious journal Nature reveals that…[read further]

University of South Florida


Researchers Tap Into Citizen Science To Shed Light on Ant Diversity


Scientists from North Carolina State University and the University of Florida have combined cookies, citizen science and robust research methods to track the diversity of ant species across the United States, and are now collaborating with international partners to get…[read further]

North Carolina State University

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At 1,459 miles, the Arkansas River is the third longest river in the U.S. and the 36th longest in the world.

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