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Certain Bats Might Not Know | freshare.netFall Fishing on the Ouachita River | freshare.netDog Waste Contaminates Our Waterways | freshare.netSmoke in the Air | freshare.net2014 Arkansas Fall Color Updates Now Available | freshare.netWeekly Fall Color Reports Available | freshare.netFracking Wastewater That Is Treated for Drinking Produces Harmful Compounds | freshare.netDiscover Nature with Elk Driving Tours | freshare.netGlade Restoration Workshop Planned for Calico Rock | freshare.netA Day on the River: A National Hunting and Fishing Day Event |‘Green Wave’ Explains Migratory Bird Routes | freshare.netPesticides Levels Still a Concern for Aquatic Life in Rivers and Streams | freshare.netWalking Off Obesity | freshare.netA Future for Agroforestry | freshare.netCamden Doctor Has Battled Feral Hogs for Years | freshare.netPassenger Pigeon Centennial a Conservation Milestone | freshare.netHunter Observation Form Goes Electronic | freshare.netCape Nature Center Hosts Missouri Author-Artist Duo | freshare.netMDC to Hold Vehicle and Equipment Auction Oct. 18 in Salem | freshare.netView ‘Caterpillars with Character’ at Cape Nature Center | freshare.netMaster Gardener Courses Being Offered in Hollister and Ozark | freshare.netEvent at Rockwoods Reservation to Commemorate the Passenger Pigeon | freshare.netFun on the Farm | freshare.netPollutant Risk Changes When Bugs Take Flight | freshare.netGo Mobile with New, Free MDC “MO Hunting” App | freshare.netFall Armyworms Infesting Some Oklahoma Lawns | freshare.netStatistics Show Arkansas Ranking High in Deer Categories | freshare.netMDC Provides Columbia High Schools with Outdoor Equipment | freshare.netBaby Alligator Found at Bull Shoals Lake | freshare.netMDC Hosts Women’s Trout Fishing Event at Maramec Spring Park | freshare.netYoung Birds Delay Departure, Make Frequent Stopovers During First Migration | freshare.netConservation Department Continues Alligator Gar Restoration | freshare.netArkansas Bear Survey Needs Eyes in the Field | freshare.netLawn Care Professional Workshop in Springfield Sept. 2 | freshare.netLawn, Gardening or Insect Problem:  Who Ya Going to Call? | freshare.netHunter Education Skills Session on MU Campus | freshare.netLearn About Tree Health and Garden Pest Control at Master Gardener Seminar | freshare.netMU Scientists Call for Increased Conservation Efforts to Save Black Bears | freshare.netA Global Temperature Conundrum: Cooling or Warming Climate? |

Exploring the Ozarks Outdoors:

Title Excerpt Author Date
2014 in Missouri Conservation News Nature lovers found much to celebrate in 2014 and continued to expand the frontiers of conservation in the Show-Me State. Here is a brief summary of the year’s top outdoor news stories. JANUARY The second-largest archery deer harvest in Missouri history (50,507) pushed the final tally for the 2013-2014 hunting… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 01/08/15
2015 Natural Events Calendar on Sale The 2015 Natural Events Calendar, with stunning nature photography and daily notes about wild happenings, is on sale now at locations throughout Missouri or online. This year’s calendar from the Missouri Department of Conservation features an ultra-close-up cover photo of a blue-eyed grass blossom. Other eye-popping photos in the large-format… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/09/14
Weekly Fall Color Reports Available As the heat of summer fades into the cool weather of fall, trees and shrubs around the Show-Me State transform from leaves of green to a fall-foliage color palette of golds, reds, oranges, and purples. Leaves turn colors when two things happen. First, sugars produced by photosynthesis are trapped inside… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 09/25/14
Discover Nature with Elk Driving Tours An additional route will make it easier than ever to see Missouri’s wild elk this year, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. The Conservation Department began encouraging Missourians to view elk along designated internal roads at Peck Ranch Conservation Area (CA) shortly after bringing the first wild elk to… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 09/18/14
MDC to Hold Vehicle and Equipment Auction Oct. 18 in Salem The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will hold a public auction of various used vehicles, and equipment on Saturday, Oct. 18, starting at 10 a.m. at its Salem Maintenance Center, 1715 Hwy 32 West. Doors will open at 7:30 a.m. The auction will include dozens of vehicles, along with ATVs,… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 09/12/14
Beware of Hungry Bears Black bears normally are shy and elusive, but the Missouri Department of Conservation urges those few Missourians lucky enough to see bears to keep them at arm’s length. Keeping bears wild not only protects people and property – it protects bears, too. Throughout most of the year, Missouri’s black bear… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 07/18/14
New Commissioner Credits Mentors for His Conservation Commitment David W. Murphy, nominated to serve on the Missouri Conservation Commission, is a living example of what outdoor mentorship can accomplish. He says he wants to pay forward the gifts he has received. Gov. Jeremiah “Jay” Nixon announced the nomination June 4. If confirmed by the Missouri Senate, Murphy would… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 06/12/14
MDC Leads Efforts to Protect Deer The Missouri Conservation Commission has voted to approve proposed amendments to regulations regarding the operation of hunting preserves and wildlife breeding facilities that hold white-tailed deer, mule deer, their hybrids, and other members of the deer family, known as cervids. The changes would become part of the agency’s strategy to… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 06/12/14
Turtle Alert! Have you ever seen a turtle trying to cross a busy highway and wondered how many die under the wheels of automobiles each year? Jeff Briggler has, and as Missouri’s state herpetologist, the answer worries him. Briggler and other workers at the Missouri Department of Conservation have made informal observations… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 05/15/14
Squirrel, Black-Bass Seasons Open May 24 Memorial Day is an even bigger deal for hunters and anglers than it is for other Missourians. That is the weekend when squirrel season opens and anglers can keep legal-sized black bass in most southern Missouri streams. Missouri’s squirrel and black bass seasons open on the same day, the fourth… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 05/15/14
Southeast Missouri Couple Passes Hummingbird Torch When hummingbirds arrive in the area of Cape Girardeau this spring, they will be looking for new friends to visit. In 1996, Judy Ainsworth saw hummingbirds coming to a friend’s nectar feeder and fell in love. Soon she had several feeders of her own. Seeing how much joy the jewel-like… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 03/28/14
Dogwoods, Redbuds Could Bloom Early This Year With anything resembling normal weather, Missouri could see dogwood and redbud blossoms earlier than usual this year. But all bets are off if the thermometer continues the yo-yo behavior seen over the past month. Nick Kuhn, forestry field programs supervisor for the Missouri Department of Conservation, says extremely cold weather… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 03/20/14
Winter Fish Kills Are No Cause for Alarm The sun comes out and the temperature climbs bravely into the 40s. You shake off cabin fever with a stroll around a lake or pond and through the neighborhood. Birds are singing and the fish in the pond are… dead! People all over Missouri are calling Missouri Department of Conservation… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 03/06/14
More Than 10,000 Anglers Expected at March 1 Trout-Park Opener Missourians who have been snowed in too often this winter can shrug off winter’s icy shackles March 1 at the Show-Me State’s four trout parks. Saturday, March 1, marks the opening of catch-and-keep trout fishing at Bennett Spring State Park (SP) near Lebanon, Montauk SP near Licking, Roaring River SP… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 02/28/14
Great Things Ahead for Paddlefish Snaggers With paddlefish season fast approaching, the Missouri Department of Conservation has encouraging news for snaggers. Missouri’s paddlefish snagging season runs from March 15 through April 30. The state’s paddlefish snagging waters include the Osage River below Bagnell Dam, Lake of the Ozarks, Truman and Table Rock lakes, the Missouri and… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 02/28/14
Renew Hunting, Fishing Permits for Your Passport to Outdoor Adventures Many hunting and fishing permits expire at the end of February, including 2013 permits for small game, fishing, trout fishing, and combination hunting and fishing permits. The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds hunters and anglers that now is the time to renew permits for 2014. Buying permits is easy, with… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 02/28/14
Apply Now for Managed Turkey Hunts Missouri turkey hunters have until Feb. 28 to apply for managed hunts during the 2014 spring turkey season. This year’s offerings include managed hunts for archers, youths, and people with disabilities. Managed turkey hunts and application procedures are outlined in the Missouir Department of Conservation’s 2014 Spring Turkey Hunting Regulations… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 01/17/14
The Future of Hunting 2.0 Not many years ago, the conventional wisdom was that hunting was a relic of America’s pioneer past. From the 1960s until recently, fewer people hunted every year. Thanks to a combination of government and citizen action, some types of hunting are on the rise, while others remain stable. Efforts to… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 01/08/14
Hunters Check 10,000-Plus Deer During Antlerless Season Hunters shot 10,581 deer during the antlerless portion of Missouri’s firearms deer season. Top counties for the antlerless portion were Pike, with 286 deer checked, Osage with 268, and Morgan with 258. The total firearms deer harvest so far this year is 187,130. This includes the urban, early youth, November,… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 12/12/13
Diverse Factors Reduce November Deer Harvest Hunters shot 157,273 deer during the November Portion of Missouri’s Firearms Deer Season. Biologists with the Missouri Department of Conservation say this is a significant decrease from last year and from the long-term average and say contributing factors vary by region. Top harvest counties were Texas with 3,309 deer checked,… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 12/11/13
Opening-Weekend Deer Harvest Blown Away Hunters checked 61,446 deer during the opening weekend of the November Portion of Firearms Deer Season, in spite of awful weather conditions. The Missouri Department of Conservation says the slow start doesn’t diminish prospects for a normal deer harvest. The opening-weekend harvest was down 12 percent compared to 2012. Conservation… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/22/13
“Mast” Survey Provides Insights for Deer, Turkey Hunters Biologists call it “mast.” Deer call it food. To hunters, it is one key to understanding game animals’ behavior. What is this stuff? Acorns, mostly. Wildlife biologists refer to fruits produced in forests, woodlands, and other habitat as “mast.” It can be “soft mast,” which includes berries and other highly… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/15/13
Marilynn Bradford Joins Conservation Commission Gov. Jeremiah “Jay” Nixon has appointed a central Missouri native with a lifelong interest in the outdoors and a proven commitment to public service to a six-year term on the Conservation Commission. Marilynn J. Bradford, (I), Jefferson City, has a diverse background in government, private business and citizen conservation. Her… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/15/13
Youngsters Check 18,676 Deer During Missouri’s Early Hunt Fair weather helped participants in the Early Youth Portion of Missouri’s Firearms Deer Season post the second-largest harvest on record. Hunters ages 6 through 15 checked 18,676 deer during the hunt Nov. 2 and 3. Top counties for the early youth hunt were Franklin with 424, Osage with 421, and… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/07/13
MO Hunters Check 5,929 Turkeys in Fall Firearms Season Hunters checked 5,929 turkeys during Missouri’s fall firearms turkey season Oct. 1 through 31, continuing a long-term decline in participation in the fall hunt. Top harvest counties were Greene with 208 turkeys checked, Webster with 158, and Laclede with 152. Harvest numbers were down statewide. The decline was smallest in… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/07/13
Help Wanted Containing Chronic Wasting Disease Hunters are important partners in the Missouri Department of Conservation’s effort to slow the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD), and agency officials urge hunters to take simple precautions when processing deer. Although there is no evidence that CWD can affect humans or domestic animals, it is always fatal to… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/24/13
Conservation Department Surplus Property Auction Not Affected Shutdown The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will hold a public auction of various used vehicles and equipment on Saturday, as planned. Conservation Department officials report receiving several inquiries about whether the auction would be affected by the continuing shutdown of federal government operations. Since the Conservation Department is a state… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/16/13
Missouri’s Deer-Season Outlook Varies by Location Missouri has an abundance of deer, according to Emily Flinn, a resource scientist with the Missouri Department of Conservation. She says the key to understanding this year’s deer forecast is regional and even local differences in deer number. Flinn specializes in managing Missouri’s economically valuable white-tailed deer herd. She says… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/02/13
Turkey Production Down, Fall Season Outlook Fair Fall turkey hunters throughout much of Missouri are likely to see more mature birds than they have in years past, but fewer young wild turkeys. Conservation Department Resource Scientist Jason Isabelle says this year’s brood survey showed a statewide ratio of 1.3 poults (young turkeys) to each hen. That is… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/02/13
Missouri’s Small-Game Hunting Forecast Hunters wondering about prospects for quail, rabbits, squirrels, and other small game in Missouri will find many answers in the past two years’ weather. The fortunes of wild animals always depend heavily on weather. But what’s good for one game animal doesn’t always favor others. Squirrels and quail offer a… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/02/13
New Conservation Commissioner is an Outdoorsman Missouri’s newest conservation commissioner traces his outdoor roots to hunting small game as a boy. That passion for nature now finds expression in hands-on wildlife management. Gov. Jeremiah “Jay” Nixon appointed Tim Dollar, Blue Springs, to a six-year term on the Missouri Conservation Commission. Dollar, 53, grew up in the… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 08/09/13
Young Wildlife is Best Left in the Wild Resource Scientist Jason Sumners got a call recently from a concerned citizen who had a newborn white-tailed deer fawn. He gets them every year, just as every office of the Missouri Department of Conservation does. The fawn had been near a highway with its mother when traffic spooked the doe,… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 06/07/13
Trees May Need Special Attention After Wet Spring If you are tired of wet feet, you have lots of company. Many trees are suffering, too. The Missouri Department of Conservation has advice for helping trees cope with wet weather. Flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and high water on many other streams has left many trees stressed,… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 05/23/13
Bushytails and Bronzebacks Are Legal May 25 Whether your taste in outdoor activities runs toward fishing or hunting, May 25 is a day to mark on your calendar. Missouri’s hunting season for gray and fox squirrels opens May 25 and runs through Feb. 15, 2014. Legal methods include rifles, shotguns, or archery equipment. The aggregate bag limit… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 05/16/13
Pulaski County Native Has Lived Turkey Hunting History The history of turkey hunting in Missouri has been chronicled in books, magazines, and newspapers, but for capturing the excitement of the early years and the progress made, it’s hard to beat spending a morning with Jim Greenstreet. Greentstreet was 25 years old in 1960. He and his father, Dave… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 05/09/13
Think Native When Replacing Landscape Trees Stately oaks that once shaded front yards lost the battle with drought. Ornamental pear trees that used to bid ironic farewells to winter with blizzards of white blossoms were wrecked by winter storms. As home and business owners set about replacing lost landscape trees, the Missouri Department of Conservation has… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 05/03/13
Snaggers Can Expect Another Good Crop of Paddlefish If heaving big treble hooks and doing battle with man-sized fish is your idea of fun, you will love this year’s paddlefish season forecast. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is offering morning and afternoon paddlefishing clinics through its Discover Nature Family program. The clinics will take place April 13… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 03/14/13
Over 8,000 Anglers Expected at March 1 Trout-park Opener Sitting in front of a crackling fire tops the list of places to spend a gray winter day for many Missourians. But if you are smitten with the idea of reeling in shimmering, feisty, delicious trout, there is no better place to greet a wintry sunrise than Missouri’s four trout… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 02/28/13
Black River Produces Record Fish Brian Taylor, Poplar Bluff, took a 1-pound, 14-ounce gizzard shad from the Black River on Jan. 9 to set the first Missouri state fishing record of 2013. Taylor gigged the 16-inch fish, earning a state record in the alternative-methods category. The previous record was a 1-pound, 8-ounce fish taken by… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 02/22/13
State Agencies Urge Skunk, Rabies Awareness Skunks soon will emerge from their winter naps, and state officials urge Missourians to exercise caution in encounters with these formidable little creatures. Missouri’s only common skunk is the striped species, Mephitis mephitis. Skunks spend the winter holed up in sheltered spots, such as rock piles, barns, and out buildings.… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 02/07/13
Managed Turkey Hunt Application Deadline is Feb. 28 Turkey hunters have until Feb. 28 to apply for managed hunts during Missouri’s 2013 spring turkey season. A list of all 19 managed turkey hunts and application instructions are available at the Missouri Department Conservation (MDC) website, In addition to 10 hunts open to all firearms turkey hunters, this… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 01/17/13
Give the Gift of Nature Out of ideas for the hunter or angler on your gift list? Wondering what to buy for the nature enthusiast who has everything? The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has solutions for these and other holiday shopping quandaries. THE NATURE SHOP The most versatile gift item from MDC’s Nature Shop… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 12/14/12
MDC Offers Incentive Payments for CRP Enrollment, Enhancements Landowners in 54 Missouri counties can receive $300 per acre in incentive bonuses for enrolling new land in the federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), and those with existing CRP contracts could receive payments exceeding $200 for management practices that enhance the value of CRP acres for wildlife. Private Land Programs… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/29/12
Conservation Officials Work with Hunters to Monitor Deer Herd Conservation officials say they don’t plan immediate measures to compensate for deer losses to hemorrhagic diseases, but they will look carefully at harvest information, reports of sick deer and hunter surveys when considering future hunting regulations. They note hunters’ key role managing deer numbers and suggest shooting fewer does if… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/27/12
November Deer Harvest Biggest in Four Years Hunters shot 204,668 deer during the November portion of Missouri’s firearms deer season, topping the past four years’ harvests and confirming predictions by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). This year’s statewide November deer harvest is 7.7 percent more than last year and only 1.3 percent below the previous 10-year… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/27/12
MDC Goes to the Science Fair Science-fair contestants now can compete for extra recognition through the Discover Nature Schools (DNS) program. Fifty-one percent of Missouri school districts participate in DNS, which is a science-education program from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Recognizing that many science-fair projects have natural ties to its science curriculum materials, MDC… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/27/12
Freaky Weather Limits Opening Weekend Deer Harvest Hunters checked 69,614 deer during the opening weekend of Missouri’s November firearms deer season. The Missouri Department of Conservation says weather was the most significant factor affecting the number of deer checked. This year’s opening-weekend harvest is 22 percent below last year’s figure. MDC Resource Scientist Jason Sumners says windy,… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 11/16/12
Deer Expert Predicts Strong Deer Harvest How will this year’s historic drought and higher-than-normal incidence of hemorrhagic diseases affect Missouri’s deer harvest? The answer, according to the Missouri Department Conservation (MDC), is “Not much. At least not this year.” MDC Resource Scientist Jason Sumners says factors affecting deer harvest include the size of the deer herd… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/29/12
October Conservation Action The Conservation Commission met at the White River Conference Center, Springfield. Commissioners present were: Don C. Bedell, Sikeston, Chair James T. Blair, IV, St. Louis, Vice Chair Becky L. Plattner, Grand Pass, Secretary Don R. Johnson, Festus, Member REGULATIONS The Commission approved issuing five no-cost chronic wasting disease (CWD) Management… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/24/12
Dry Summer a Boon for Bobwhites Formal surveys and informal reports from across Missouri paint an encouraging picture for fans of the bobwhite quail. The historic drought of 2012 was tough on wildlife species that require abundant water. However, it was a welcome relief for quail and other ground-nesting animals after four wet summers. “Quail are… Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation 10/18/12
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