Researchers Introduce Macrosystems Approach to Study Stream Ecology | freshare.netSnack Attack: Bears Munch on Ants and Help Plants Grow | freshare.netHumanity Has Exceeded 4 of 9 ‘Planetary Boundaries’ | freshare.netRainfall Can Release Aerosols | freshare.netEmerald Ash Borer Confirmed as Threat to White Fringetree | freshare.netNew Contaminants Found in Oil and Gas Wastewater | freshare.netMDC to Match $1.3 Million to Help Landowners with Habitat Conservation | freshare.netHunting Bats Rely on ‘Bag of Chips Effect’ | freshare.netHumans, Sparrows Make Sense of Sounds in Similar Ways | freshare.netMDC Talks Winter Turtle Power | freshare.netAlgae Blooms Create Their Own Favorable Conditions, New Study Finds | freshare.netBig River, Big Data | freshare.netMapping Snake Venom Variety Reveals Unexpected Evolutionary Pattern | freshare.netBreathing Diesel Exhaust Leads to Changes ‘Deep Under the Hood’ | freshare.netAre Human Behaviors Affecting Bird Communities in Residential Areas? | freshare.net2014 in Missouri Conservation News | freshare.netHoliday Closures on the Buffalo | freshare.netForget Myth: Poinsettias are Not Poisonous to Humans, Pets | freshare.netSensing Distant Tornadoes, Birds Flew the Coop | freshare.netBuffalo National River Deputy Superintendent | freshare.netSpider’s Web Weaves Way to Advanced Networks and Displays | freshare.netFight Litter Through Annual “No More Trash!” Contest | freshare.netCitizen Science Spurs Increased Support For Conservation | freshare.netHow to Help Winter Wildlife | freshare.netFungus-Growing Ants Selectively Cultivate Their Crops | freshare.netEat More Carp | freshare.netFirst Time Hickory Nut Pie | freshare.netOrganic Mulch Lets Insect Pollinators Do Their Job | freshare.netKeep Your Plants from Freezing this Winter | freshare.netUsing and Planting a Living Christmas Tree Adds Appeal to Home Landscape and Memories of the Season | freshare.netTool Maintenance Now Saves Time in the Spring | freshare.netNumber of Missouri Christmas Tree Farms in Decline | freshare.netMotorists: Be on the Lookout for Deer on Highways | freshare.netGroundwater Patches Play Important Role in Forest Health, Water Quality | freshare.netHome in the Business Park | freshare.netNational Water-Use at Lowest Levels Since Before 1970 | freshare.netLittle Evidence Conservation Organizations Respond to Economic Signals | freshare.netProtect Bulbs From Pesky Critters | freshare.netMDC Stocks Rainbow Trout at Mid-Missouri Lakes for Winter Fishing | freshare.netPharmaceuticals and the Water-Fish-Osprey Food Web | freshare.netBackpack Physics: Smaller Hikers Carry Heavier Loads | freshare.netWhy Plants Don’t Get a Sunburn | freshare.netNestling Birds Struggle in Noisy Environments | freshare.netMinimal Risk of Encountering Stinging Caterpillars in Missouri | freshare.netNew Tracers Can Identify Frack Fluids in the Environment | freshare.netPersimmon Seeds Predict Ozarks’ Winter Weather | freshare.netAs Weather Cools, Trout Fishing Action Heats Up | freshare.netU.S. Forest Service Releases 2015 Dates for Fee-free Days | freshare.netOK Dept. of Wildlife Internships | freshare.netSpring River Dam Repairs Completed | freshare.netThe Glade as an Ozarks Treasure | freshare.netSmall Spills at Gas Stations Could Cause Significant Health Risks Over Time | freshare.netReport Assesses Health of the Nation’s Birds | freshare.netImportation of Firewood Banned on Arkansas’s WMAs and NWRs | freshare.netRivers Recover Natural Conditions Quickly Following Dam Removal | freshare.netSearch for Missing Hiker Successful | freshare.net2015 Natural Events Calendar on Sale | freshare.netErbie Campground Open | freshare.netGenetic Secrets of the Monarch Butterfly | freshare.netThe Cultural Side of Science Communication | freshare.netNanoparticles Accumulate Quickly in Wetland Sediment | freshare.netWind Turbine or Tree? Certain Bats Might Not Know | freshare.netFall Fishing on the Ouachita River | freshare.netDog Waste Contaminates Our Waterways | freshare.netSmoke in the Air | freshare.net2014 Arkansas Fall Color Updates Now Available | freshare.netWeekly Fall Color Reports Available | freshare.netFracking Wastewater That Is Treated for Drinking Produces Harmful Compounds | freshare.netDiscover Nature with Elk Driving Tours | freshare.netGlade Restoration Workshop Planned for Calico Rock | freshare.netA Day on the River: A National Hunting and Fishing Day Event |‘Green Wave’ Explains Migratory Bird Routes | freshare.netPesticides Levels Still a Concern for Aquatic Life in Rivers and Streams | freshare.netWalking Off Obesity | freshare.netA Future for Agroforestry | freshare.netCamden Doctor Has Battled Feral Hogs for Years | freshare.netPassenger Pigeon Centennial a Conservation Milestone | freshare.netHunter Observation Form Goes Electronic | freshare.netCape Nature Center Hosts Missouri Author-Artist Duo | freshare.netMDC to Hold Vehicle and Equipment Auction Oct. 18 in Salem | freshare.netView ‘Caterpillars with Character’ at Cape Nature Center | freshare.netMaster Gardener Courses Being Offered in Hollister and Ozark | freshare.netEvent at Rockwoods Reservation to Commemorate the Passenger Pigeon | freshare.netFun on the Farm | freshare.netPollutant Risk Changes When Bugs Take Flight | freshare.netGo Mobile with New, Free MDC “MO Hunting” App | freshare.netFall Armyworms Infesting Some Oklahoma Lawns | freshare.netStatistics Show Arkansas Ranking High in Deer Categories | freshare.netMDC Provides Columbia High Schools with Outdoor Equipment | freshare.netBaby Alligator Found at Bull Shoals Lake | freshare.netMDC Hosts Women’s Trout Fishing Event at Maramec Spring Park | freshare.netYoung Birds Delay Departure, Make Frequent Stopovers During First Migration | freshare.netConservation Department Continues Alligator Gar Restoration | freshare.netArkansas Bear Survey Needs Eyes in the Field | freshare.netLawn Care Professional Workshop in Springfield Sept. 2 | freshare.netLawn, Gardening or Insect Problem:  Who Ya Going to Call? | freshare.netHunter Education Skills Session on MU Campus | freshare.netLearn About Tree Health and Garden Pest Control at Master Gardener Seminar | freshare.netMU Scientists Call for Increased Conservation Efforts to Save Black Bears | freshare.netA Global Temperature Conundrum: Cooling or Warming Climate? |

Exploring the Ozarks Outdoors:

Title Excerpt Author Date
Motorists: Be on the Lookout for Deer on Highways It happens to hundreds of Arkansas drivers every year – a collision with a deer. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission advises drivers to (1) be on the lookout for deer along roads, especially after dark, (2) if a deer appears in front of your vehicle, do not swerve, and… Arkansas Game and Fish 12/11/14
U.S. Forest Service Releases 2015 Dates for Fee-free Days The U.S. Forest Service will waive fees at most of its day-use recreation sites several times in 2015, beginning with Jan. 19, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. “These fee-free days are our way of thanking our millions of visitors but also to encourage more people to visit… Arkansas Game and Fish 10/30/14
Spring River Dam Repairs Completed Renovation and restoration of Dam No. 3 on the Spring River near Mammoth Spring has been completed. Work began earlier this year on the 100-year-old structure. The dam and gate system provides water for the Jim Hinkle Spring River State Fish Hatchery. The dam had been inoperable since 2009 and… Arkansas Game and Fish 10/16/14
Report Assesses Health of the Nation’s Birds One hundred years after the extinction of the passenger pigeon, the nation’s top bird science and conservation groups have come together to publish The State of the Birds 2014 – the most comprehensive review of long-term trend data for U.S. birds ever conducted. The authors call the results unsettling. The… Arkansas Game and Fish 10/09/14
Importation of Firewood Banned on Arkansas’s WMAs and NWRs During its September meeting, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved an emergency ban on the importation of firewood on all AGFC-owned wildlife management areas. Precautionary measures are also underway to prevent the spread of the EAB throughout Arkansas’s national wildlife refuges. This includes people camping on the state’s WMAs.… Arkansas Game and Fish 10/09/14
Glade Restoration Workshop Planned for Calico Rock A glade restoration workshop will be held Sept. 25 near Calico Rock. The workshop will include glade restoration sites completed by the U.S. Forest Service and private landowners. Glades, or barrens, are found throughout the Ozarks and occasionally throughout Arkansas on steep south and west facing slopes. Glades also occur… Arkansas Game and Fish 09/18/14
Camden Doctor Has Battled Feral Hogs for Years Dr. Will Daniel does not sugar-coat his feelings about feral hogs. “I hate those pigs.” He has been battling problems with the destructive animals on his family’s land since his teen years. “We have killed a bunch of them, and they keep coming back, more and more of them.” The… Arkansas Game and Fish 09/12/14
Passenger Pigeon Centennial a Conservation Milestone Just over a century ago, Sept. 1, 1914, to be exact, the last passenger pigeon in the world died in a Cincinnati, Ohio, zoo. The sad event turned out to be a milestone, a factor in the rise of the conservation movement that had profound effects here in Arkansas. In… Arkansas Game and Fish 09/12/14
Hunter Observation Form Goes Electronic To make it more convenient for hunters to report the activities of wildlife observed in the state, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has developed an electronic hunter observation form. The form is available on the AGFC’s smartphone app. Beginning in 2004, Arkansas bow hunters started collecting statewide observation data… Arkansas Game and Fish 09/12/14
Statistics Show Arkansas Ranking High in Deer Categories Deer numbers in Arkansas have increased significantly, and this is confirmed by the deer checked by successful hunters. One tool used by wildlife managers is comparison. How does Arkansas compare to other states with its deer? Remember, Arkansas in some other non-hunting categories ranks near the bottom. Arkansas deer and… Arkansas Game and Fish 09/05/14
Baby Alligator Found at Bull Shoals Lake Bull Shoals Lake and the tailwaters downstream from its dam are widely known for impressive fishing – largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleye, all sorts of trout. Add alligators to that list. Well, one alligator, and it was a baby. Cpl. Joe Purdom, a wildlife officer with the Arkansas… Arkansas Game and Fish 08/29/14
Arkansas Bear Survey Needs Eyes in the Field The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission needs your help to determine the number and locations of black bears in bear zones 3 and 4 in southern Arkansas. “We are soliciting public input from people who have photographs of black bears in those two zones,” said Myron Means, the AGFC’s bear… Arkansas Game and Fish 08/21/14
Fish Consumption Advisory Issued for Lake Ouachita The Arkansas Department of Health is issuing a fish consumption advisory for Lake Ouachita. This advisory comes after fish from Lake Ouachita, collected by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and tested by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, were found to contain levels of mercury that have the potential… Arkansas Game and Fish 08/14/14
Lucky Anglers Take Home Prizes After Catching Tagged Fish Three lucky anglers are winners of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Family and Community Fishing Program tagged catfish campaign. Thousands of channel catfish from the AGFC’s warm-water hatchery facilities were stocked at several locations around the state. Sunday Johnny of North Little Rock won the grand prize of an… Arkansas Game and Fish 07/31/14
Invasive Emerald Ash Borer Detected in Arkansas Arkansas State Plant Board officials have confirmed that the emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle that attacks and kills ash trees, has been found in Hot Springs, Clark and Nevada counties. Since 2009 the Arkansas State Plant Board and the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service,… Arkansas Game and Fish 07/24/14
Catalpa Worms Give a Strong Boost to Summer Fishing Two words can help Arkansas anglers shake off the mid-summer fishing blues: Catalpa worm. Experienced anglers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission agree that catalpa worms are superb for fishing in this area, especially for bream and catfish. Almost any species of bream – bluegill, red-eared and the others… Arkansas Game and Fish 07/18/14
Reward Offered for Information on Endangered Tern Deaths Several dead least terns have been found on a small island in the Arkansas River. Least terns are protected by federal and state endangered species regulations. A reward of up to $8,500 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the deaths. The… Arkansas Game and Fish 07/10/14
Draft Water Plan Summary Now Ready for Review The Arkansas Water Plan Update Draft Executive Summary has been prepared and is ready for review by the public. A large section of the document explains the priority issues, recommendations of how to resolve those issues and an implementation plan that explains how the recommendations will be put into action.… Arkansas Game and Fish 07/10/14
Swim Areas Closed by ADH Do Not Involve Entire Lake The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has been receiving calls from the public about swim beaches closed by the Arkansas Department of Health due to the presence E. coli bacteria. These closures only involve specific swimming areas and not the entire lake. Most of the questions have centered on the… Arkansas Game and Fish 07/10/14
Conway Angler Wins $50,000 in the Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza Conway angler Steve Scherrey took home the top prize in this year’s Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza. It was the second time Scherrey had won the tournament. In 2000, he won with a 6.76-pounnder. The 6.98 pound bass he caught in the 8 a.m. hour on Saturday in the Dumas pool… Arkansas Game and Fish 07/10/14
Biologists Lay Seeds for Angling Excitement at Bull Shoals Lake Hundreds of thousands of young crappie are swimming just outside the Sugarloaf arm of Bull Shoals Lake, waiting to boost the population and keep anglers happy for years to come. Thanks to the Dr. Ralph Bowers/Tommy Donohoe Bull Shoals Lake Nursery Pond in Lead Hill, biologists hatch and raise fish… Arkansas Game and Fish 06/20/14
Remember the Three Rs When Boating on a River How do you know which side of the buoys to stay on when traveling up or down a river? Simple. Remember the 3Rs of boating: “Red right returning.” It applies in Arkansas and all over the nation. Whether you are paddling a canoe, putting along in a john boat, whizzing… Arkansas Game and Fish 06/20/14
Girls Hold Upper Hand in High School Bass Championship Don’t try to tell an Arkansas girl she can’t compete in bass fishing. In the 2014 Arkansas High School State Championship bass tournament on Bull Shoals Lake, three of the top four competitors were females. The event matched 97 two-angler teams from across the state in a one-day tournament. Only… Arkansas Game and Fish 06/05/14
$5,000 Catfish Landed in 2014 Hot Springs Fishing Challenge A catfish worth $5,000 was landed last week on Lake Hamilton, the biggest prize awarded in the three years of the Hot Springs Fishing Challenge. On the evening of May 19, just as the sun was setting, retired Hot Springs High School teacher Jimmy Schultz was sitting on his dock… Arkansas Game and Fish 05/29/14
Big Bass Bonanza Entry Fees Go Up After June 11 If you are hesitating about entering this year’s Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza, here’s a factor to help with your decision. Entering by Wednesday, June 11, will mean paying $80 for each of the three days you choose to fish. After June 11, the cost will go up to $90 a… Arkansas Game and Fish 05/29/14
Conditions Appear Favorable for 2014 Big Bass Bonanza Predicting conditions for a fishing competition several weeks in the future can be a lesson in futility. Still things are looking good at this point for the 2014 Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza. This is the state’s most popular fishing tournament. Around 2,000 anglers, sometimes more, working the waters of the… Arkansas Game and Fish 05/09/14
AGFC Facilities Destroyed by Tornado, Debris Being Removed from Lake The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s maintenance shed, clubhouse and dog training facilities at the Camp Robinson Special Use Area have been destroyed by Sunday’s tornado at Mayflower. Other area AGFC facilities such as the H.C. “Red” Morris Natural Resources Conservation and Enforcement Training Center and the Dr. James E.… Arkansas Game and Fish 05/02/14
New Salamander Species Discovered in Arkansas Researchers from the University of Tulsa and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission announced today the discovery of a new and unique species of aquatic salamander found at Lake Catherine State Park, near Hot Springs. A scientific paper describing the two-and-a-half inch long amphibian was recently published in the journal… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/17/14
Find Warmer Water for Better Springtime Fishing Water temperature is a key factor for successful fishing in early spring, according to anglers with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Fishermen across the state begin stirring when days warm up. But most realize the air temperatures go up much quicker than water temperatures. Several days in the high… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/17/14
Feral Hog Trapping Continue Through Turkey Season On WMAs As spring temperatures rise, turkeys are gobbling and feral hogs continue their destruction of natural resources across the state. As part of the agency’s continued effort to control feral hogs, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Wildlife Management Division staff will continue to trap feral hogs through turkey season on… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/17/14
Life Jacket Stand Available at Verizon Boat Ramp The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, along with the City of North Little Rock, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Sea Tow Foundation, have opened a new Life Jacket Loaner station at the Arkansas River Verizon Boat Ramp in North Little Rock. This… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/17/14
Tagged Catfish Are Being Stocked Around the State The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Family and Community Fishing Program is continuing their efforts to get families involved in fishing with a tagged catfish campaign. Thousands of channel catfish from the AGFC’s warm-water hatchery facilities are currently being stocked at several locations around the state. Each of Arkansas’s Family… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/11/14
Quail Habitat Seminar Planned at Mountain Home A three-hour seminar on quail habitat management will be given Tuesday, April 15, at Arkansas State University’s Mountain Home campus, 1600 South College Ave.    The seminar, which is free, will be from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Dryer Hall’s McMullin Lecture Hall. It is a program of the… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/11/14
Conservation License Plates Continue to Grow in Popularity You see ‘em daily on streets and highways. You may have one on your own car or pickup. Yes, those conservation license plates are highly popular in Arkansas. Now in their 15th year, the specialty plates administered by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission continue to serve their primary purpose… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/11/14
Two Rehabilitated Eagles Take Wing on Little Red River After serious injury, surgery and months of rehabilitation, two adult bald eagles were released Saturday, March 29, near the Little Red River just downstream from Greers Ferry Dam. Their recovery and release was the result of work by Rodney Paul, who operates Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas at El Paso… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/04/14
Crappie Jig Colors Are a Never-Ending Debate A long-running argument among Arkansas crappie fishermen is whether live minnows or artificial jigs are best for catching crappie. They both work, one better than the other at times, although some devout jig users won’t admit it. They also work well when combined – a jig tipped with a minnow.… Arkansas Game and Fish 04/04/14
Bat Outside Blanchard Springs Caverns Tests Positive for White-Nose Syndrome A bat found dead outside an entrance to Blanchard Springs Caverns has tested positive for white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease deadly to bats. The tri-colored bat was sent to the Southeast Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study at the University of Georgia and confirmed to have the disease. “This is devastating and… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/28/14
Visit One of Arkansas’s Nature Centers and You Might Win a Boat Looking for something to do this spring break? Why not visit one of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s four nature centers? You may win a boat, motor and trailer. It’s easy, just register at any AGFC nature center in Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Fort Smith and Jonesboro. Visitors with… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/27/14
Minor Change Planned for Lake Conway Water Level Several dozen persons listened to a planned change in Lake Conway’s water level management recently, asked some questions and did not raise objections. The meeting was held by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at the Faulkner County Natural Resources Center. The changes include less restrictive spillway gate operations for… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/27/14
No Chronic Wasting Disease Found in Arkansas Deer None of the dreaded chronic wasting disease has been found in Arkansas’s deer herd. That’s the bottom line of a report from the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory which did extensive analyses for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on a set of samples submitted during the 2013 sampling period. Chronic… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/20/14
Check Water Temperature for Spring Fishing Success With all of the snow, sleet and cold weather Arkansas has received this winter, you might not realize that fishing action is heating up. Spring is near. The countrysides are greening up. Fish should be biting. But the water may not be warming nearly as rapidly as the air around… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/20/14
NRCS and Forest Service Partner to Restore Forest Health The Natural Resources Conservation Service and United States Forest Service recently announced a multi-year partnership to improve the health and resiliency of forest ecosystems across the nation. In Arkansas, the Western Arkansas Woodland Restoration project aims to double the conservation activity on private lands in 29 counties and the Ozark-St.… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/13/14
AGFC Youth Conservation Institute Begins This Summer Looking for a way to spend part of your summer and learn something about conservation in The Natural State? The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Youth Conservation Institute just may be the answer. According to AGFC Regional Education Coordinator Laura Rogers, the program is a competitive, merit-based, week-long journey into… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/06/14
$5,000 Reward for Information on Bald Eagle Killing The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are investigating the killing of a mature bald eagle in the Mount Magazine area of Logan County near the Midway community. The bald eagle was discovered on the Mount Magazine Wildlife Management Area in close proximity to… Arkansas Game and Fish 03/06/14
AGFC Begins Potential Land Purchase Process During last week’s monthly meeting, Commissioners with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved the first step in the potential development of an education and recreation area near Jasper. Commissioners approved a budget increase of $10,000 for the real estate appraisal and other real estate costs involving the 42-acre site.… Arkansas Game and Fish 02/28/14
Fresh Line Increases Odds for Bragging Type Catches With spring fishing close at hand, Arkansas anglers can improve their chances at good catches rather simply – look at their line. Many fishermen pay scant attention to the thin link between their rod and their lure or bait. This can be a mistake. With the beginning of a new… Arkansas Game and Fish 02/28/14
It’s Walleye Time in Several Arkansas Lakes, Rivers When the second half of February arrives, it’s walleye time in Arkansas. The tasty but challenging fish move up to shallow, graveled areas for spawning. A number of lakes and rivers in the state have walleye, and the best known fishery is in Greers Ferry Lake in north-central Arkansas. Spawning… Arkansas Game and Fish 02/20/14
$5,000 Reward for Information on Bald Eagle Shooting The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are investigating the killing of a juvenile bald eagle in Logan County. A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Humane Society of the United States and the… Arkansas Game and Fish 02/20/14
Federal, State Officers Crack Down on Deer Importing he Arkansas Game and Fish Commission reminds state residents that importing deer violates both state and federal regulations, and severe penalties can be assessed. The reminder came forth after a case in neighboring Mississippi in which three men and a corporation have been cited with a 13-count federal indictment. Ronald… Arkansas Game and Fish 02/20/14
White-Nose Syndrome Confirmed in Marion County Bats The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has confirmed the presence of white-nose syndrome, a disease fatal to several bat species, in Arkansas. The disease was documented in two northern long-eared bats found at a cave on a natural area managed by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission in Marion County. White-nose… Arkansas Game and Fish 02/05/14
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