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MDC Can Help. | freshare.netSwim Areas Closed by ADH Do Not Involve Entire Lake | freshare.netWant to Be a Conservation Agent? | freshare.netConway Angler Wins $50,000 in the Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza | freshare.netHuman Activities Increase Salt Content in Many of the Nation’s Streams | freshare.netFoul Fumes Derail Dinner for Hungry Moths | freshare.netHabitat Loss, Not Poison, Better Explains Grassland Bird Decline | freshare.netFracking Flowback Could Pollute Groundwater with Heavy Metals | freshare.netNo Need to Spray Fungicides on Lawn Mushrooms | freshare.netTwilight Horticulture Tour in Lawrence County July 10 | freshare.netCollecting Light with Artificial Moth Eyes | freshare.netBreakthrough Provides Picture of Underground Water | freshare.netOne Step to Solar-Cell Efficiency | freshare.netBiologists Lay Seeds for Angling Excitement at Bull Shoals Lake | freshare.netQuail May Be Making a Comeback in Oklahoma | freshare.netRemember the Three Rs When Boating on a River | freshare.netWell Owners Need to Regularly Test Water | freshare.netMDC Offering Up to $50,000 in Grants for Community Conservation Projects | freshare.netMDC Frog Gigging Clinic | freshare.netVolunteers Sought to Help Transform Powder Valley Nature Center |“Frog Days” of Summer Begin at Sunset June 30 | freshare.netEndangered Insect Released at Wah’Kon-Tah Prairie | freshare.netTiny Plants Ride on the Coattails of Migratory Birds | freshare.netForest Loss Starves Fish | freshare.netScientists Weed Out Pesky Poison Ivy with Discovery of Killer Fungus | freshare.netUnprecedented Effort Protects Prairie Chicken Habitat in Five States | freshare.netNew Commissioner Credits Mentors for His Conservation Commitment | freshare.netCape Nature Center Awarded 2014 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence | freshare.netMDC Announces Renovations of Busch Shooting Range | freshare.netEmerald Ash Borer Found in St. Charles County | freshare.netBowhunter Education Certification Course for Southeast Region | freshare.netMDC Leads Efforts to Protect Deer | freshare.netCleaning the Air with Roof Tiles | freshare.netEradicating Invasive Species Sometimes Threatens Endangered Ones | freshare.netJoining the Force | freshare.netGirls Hold Upper Hand in High School Bass Championship | freshare.netHabitat Loss on Breeding Grounds Cause of Monarch Decline | freshare.netPrune Winter-Damaged Evergreens | freshare.netInitial BOW Program Registration is June 28 at Bass Pro | freshare.netVolunteers Needed to Help MDC with Bird Survey | freshare.netUV Light Works as Screening Tool for Bats with White-Nose Syndrome | freshare.netAmber Discovery Indicates Lyme Disease Is Older Than Human Race | freshare.netJanzow Photo Exhibit Highlights Southeast Missouri Diversity | freshare.netFish More Inclined to Crash Than Bees | freshare.netLarge Muskies Lured by the Moon |$5,000 Catfish Landed in 2014 Hot Springs Fishing Challenge | freshare.netBig Bass Bonanza Entry Fees Go Up After June 11 | freshare.netPowder Valley Presents Concert by Ozark Musicians | freshare.netPark Restrooms Open | freshare.netWondering About the State of the Environment? 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Exploring the Ozarks Outdoors:

Title Excerpt Author Date
Fall Foliage: When Should We Expect To See Autumn’s Bright Colors Autumn has arrived in Arkansas and with it crisper air and cooler temperatures. It’s a very busy time as well with travelers visiting the Natural State to view the vibrant fall colors. But this year’s harsh summer drought and severe temperatures have some wondering if we’ll see a great display… Kat Robinson 09/25/12
Who Will Find the 30,000th Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park?? Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro is set to celebrate two big milestones this year.  March 15th marks 40 years since the site’s creation as an Arkansas state park… and sometime soon, the 30,000th diamond found since the park’s opening will be unearthed. The latest count of diamonds found… Kat Robinson 01/27/12
Winter Is A Great Time to Enjoy Agritourism Opportunities in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas farms aren’t just warm-weather operations, or destinations, for that matter. During the winter months, many of these facilities remain open for agritourism opportunities, a growing trend in agriculture nationwide. Haven’t heard of agritourism? As Stacey McCullough with Community and Public Development at the University of Arkansas… Kat Robinson 12/19/08
What a Difference a Year Makes in Arkanas Wine Country ALTUS, Ark. - It’s nearly harvest time in Arkansas’ grape country and this year, there will be a substantial amount of grapes and muscadines to bring in from the field. In 2007, Joseph Post with Post Winery in Altus, said around 90 percent of the grape crop and 40 percent… Kat Robinson 08/25/08
Keeping Your Four-Legged Friends Cool During Summer Summers in Arkansas are hot, humid, and long. We go to extra efforts to keep ourselves cool, but what should we be doing for our furry friends? Steve Jones, an extension associate professor/equine specialist with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, says there are three things you must provide… Kat Robinson 07/11/08
Don’t Forget The Things That Make Your Gifts Work! We’ve all experienced it - that thrill of opening a gift on Christmas morning, only to discover that an essential part of the gift is missing - batteries. Batteries are often the most omitted part of a gift and usually the most important part. It’s important when you buy a… Kat Robinson 12/13/07
Make Trick or Treating a Neighborhood Activity How can you keep your kids from overindulging on treats, or from turning to devilish behavior? Some neighborhoods are taking an active stance, by providing organized activities and a plan for trick or treating in their neck of the woods. This is what’s happening in one Little Rock neighborhood. “Over… Kat Robinson 10/11/07
Alternative Ideas for Your Halloween Handouts - by Kat Robinson LITTLE ROCK, AR - Generations of American kids have grown up with the same sort of treats on Halloween … sugary sweets, chocolate, and gum parceled out in handfuls from a neighbor’s open door. While kids enjoy this chance to gather tons of high-calorie loot, parents and dentists both have… Kat Robinson 10/11/07
Alternative Ideas for Your Halloween Handouts - by Kat Robinson LITTLE ROCK, AR - Generations of American kids have grown up with the same sort of treats on Halloween … sugary sweets, chocolate, and gum parceled out in handfuls from a neighbor’s open door. While kids enjoy this chance to gather tons of high-calorie loot, parents and dentists both have… Kat Robinson 10/11/07