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75 Dollar Offer

Korpella Publishing, LLC, which owns and operates freshare.net, is kicking off its web design business and would like for you to be a part of our success.

Our experience in site design and development includes building the freshare site, working on a team to build a site in the United Kingdom, working with a designer in the New York City area on several projects and developing three other…[more]

By Robert J. Korpella, 09-25-2008

Take a Breath of “freshare” and Explore the Ozarks Outdoors

SPRINGFIELD, MO - Have a fresh look at one of the Ozarks’ most precious resources as freshare.net builds a community passionate about the outdoors. Whether it is news about the environment, tips on gardening, stories about nature and wildlife, or even ways to experience the outdoors in your own backyard, freshare.net is there.

Freshare.net is not a typical hunting or fishing site often associated with the outdoors. The…[more]

By Robert J. Korpella, 08-17-2008
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