Exploring the Ozarks Outdoors: freshare.net

About freshare.net

Take a breath of fresh air, or in this case, freshare. This site is about nature, wildlife, a little science, fantastic photography, and some good Ozarks fun in the outdoors. Our goal is to enjoy all that our region has to offer while maintaining a respect for our pristine waters, and beautiful scenery.

As you look around, you’ll discover that freshare.net is divided into five “pages:”

front page
The main landing page and a quick look at the latest stories from all the major categories.

The environment, Ozarks people connected with the outdoors, and outdoors news items.

Articles and stories about the region’s abundant wildlife, conservation, science, birding, education and nature photography.

Places to go in the Ozarks, outdoor fun and recreation, gardening and other backyard activities.

Take a look at the random photos or stop by one of the galleries to see more. Plus, a chance to upload your own images to the galleries. We think we’ve got some of the best photos of the area.

Each web page on freshare also offers the visitor a chance to sign up for our weekly newsletter, RSS feeds and our widgets for your own web site, blog or for your desktop. Just a few more ways to stay connected to the Ozark outdoors.

We hope you will enjoy freshare.net. Please bookmark us to your favorites and spread the word!

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