General /article/ en Copyright 2011 2011-10-13T11:06:01-06:00 The Secret Recipe for Fall Colors /article/the_secret_recipe_for_fall_colors/ /article/the_secret_recipe_for_fall_colors/#When:11:06:01Z The recipe for cooking up a spectacular fall display isn’t for beginners. You need all the right ingredients at the right time and at the proper temperature. Prolonged drought and other stresses in southwest Missouri left many trees coming out of the summer oven with dull, brown leaves. On the other hand, a mild late-summer drought in central… Nature and Wildlife, Science 2011-10-13T11:06:01-06:00 Fall Color? Depends on Where You Are /article/fall_color_depends_on_where_you_are/ /article/fall_color_depends_on_where_you_are/#When:11:01:00Z Maples, gums, sumac and ash trees are taking the lead as leaf peeping season approaches in Arkansas, but in some drought-ridden areas, the usual reds and golds may be absent because trees shed leaves early to conserve water, according to the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Colors are just beginning to change around the state and… Pursuits, Destinations, Arkansas Destinations 2011-10-13T11:01:00-06:00 Overwintering Tropical Plants /article/overwintering_tropical_plants/ /article/overwintering_tropical_plants/#When:10:58:00Z Many tropical plants thrive in the heat and humidity of a typical Missouri summer and can make great outdoor patio plants. But as temperatures drop in the fall, conditions can quickly become deadly. The simplest solution to this problem is just to let them freeze and buy new plants in the spring, but that can be expensive, and… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2011-10-13T10:58:00-06:00 Most of Missouri Remains Zebra-Mussel Free /article/most_of_missouri_remains_zebra_mussel_free/ /article/most_of_missouri_remains_zebra_mussel_free/#When:10:55:00Z Hardly a week passes without an invasive plant or animal turning up in a new place. Consequently, the latest news about zebra mussels in Missouri reads a bit like “Man bites dog.” Tim Banek, invasive species coordinator for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), hears plenty of bad news about zebra mussels and other invasive species. But the… Nature and Wildlife, Environment 2011-10-13T10:55:00-06:00 Thinking About a Timber Sale? Call Before You Cut /article/thinking_about_a_timber_sale_call_before_you_cut/ /article/thinking_about_a_timber_sale_call_before_you_cut/#When:10:54:00Z Caring for your woodland is a long-term proposition where one decision can have impacts for decades. A new outreach effort, Call Before You Cut, provides information to help Missouri woodland owners conduct tree harvests wisely. “Although woodland owners know a lot about their woods, they often don’t have the critical information they need before selecting someone to harvest… News, Newsworthy 2011-10-13T10:54:00-06:00 Powder Valley Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Special Events Oct. 22 /article/powder_valley_celebrates_20th_anniversary_with_special_events_oct_22/ /article/powder_valley_celebrates_20th_anniversary_with_special_events_oct_22/#When:10:48:00Z The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center is holding a special day of activities on Saturday, Oct. 22, to commemorate its 20th anniversary. The nature center first opened in October 1991. Its year-long anniversary celebration will culminate on Saturday with activities from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is free and open to the public… Pursuits, Destinations, Missouri Destinations 2011-10-13T10:48:00-06:00 Attend Backyard Bird Workshop at MDC Sedalia Office /article/attend_backyard_bird_workshop_at_mdc_sedalia_office/ /article/attend_backyard_bird_workshop_at_mdc_sedalia_office/#When:10:46:01Z The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Missouri River Bird Observatory will offer tips on attracting backyard birds this winter at a free workshop from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15, at the MDC Sedalia Office, 2000 South Limit Ave. The event is open to ages 10 and up. Advance registration is required by… News, Newsworthy 2011-10-13T10:46:01-06:00 October Blooms /article/october_blooms/ /article/october_blooms/#When:21:10:00Z I’m not sure we could ask for any better weather this early fall in the Ozarks. Warm days, cool nights and soft winds have carried us through most days. Except for a few showers, it’s almost spring-like outside. Even my lilac bushes think so. A few buds have popped with a bloom or two, each one with the same sweet… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2011-10-07T21:10:00-06:00 Wildlife Photography Seminar Set for Nature Center /article/wildlife_photography_seminar_set_for_nature_center/ /article/wildlife_photography_seminar_set_for_nature_center/#When:18:49:00Z The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will be offering a free seminar on wildlife and nature photography. The seminar is aimed at improving outdoor photography skills in a fun and relaxed setting. The seminar will be held Oct. 15 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center. The nature center is located at… News, Newsworthy 2011-10-06T18:49:00-06:00 Catfish Competition Planned at Spadra Park Oct. 15-16 /article/catfish_competition_planned_at_spadra_park_oct_15_16/ /article/catfish_competition_planned_at_spadra_park_oct_15_16/#When:18:48:00Z Is catfishing your game? You may want to take in the Johnson County Catfish Club Catfish Classic Oct. 15-16 at Clarksville. Cash awards and prizes will be given to the teams that have the best two-day combined totals. The Big Cat entry is separate. The tournament begins each day at 6:30 a.m. or at safe light from the… News, Newsworthy 2011-10-06T18:48:00-06:00 USFWS Lists Ozark Hellbender as Endangered /article/usfws_lists_ozark_hellbender_as_endangered/ /article/usfws_lists_ozark_hellbender_as_endangered/#When:18:45:00Z The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today designated the Ozark hellbender as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) and also finalized its decision to list the Ozark and eastern hellbender in Appendix III of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). In combination, these listings will provide significant protection to hellbenders,… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2011-10-06T18:45:00-06:00 Outdoor Hotline Features Season Forecast and Watchable Wildlife /article/outdoor_hotline_features_season_forecast_and_watchable_wildlife/ /article/outdoor_hotline_features_season_forecast_and_watchable_wildlife/#When:18:41:01Z Arkansans have a variety of outdoor pursuits available to them during the fall and winter months. Arkansas’s modern gun deer season and waterfowl seasons are just around the corner and wildlife watching opportunities are abundant. If you’d like to find out what’s available for these pursuits, then tune in next week to AETN for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation 2011-10-06T18:41:01-06:00 Fall Leaves and Faded Garden Plants Make Great Compost /article/fall_leaves_and_faded_garden_plants_make_great_compost/ /article/fall_leaves_and_faded_garden_plants_make_great_compost/#When:18:38:00Z Curbside leaf and brush removal dates will be here before we know it. If you dread filling sacks with fallen leaves, a University of Missouri Extension horticulturist suggests a less agonizing and more rewarding alternative. “The carbon content of fallen leaves is a perfect pairing for the nitrogen content of annual landscape plants in the compost bin,” says… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2011-10-06T18:38:00-06:00 MDC Predicts Good Fall Color in Ozarks /article/mdc_predicts_good_fall_color_in_ozarks/ /article/mdc_predicts_good_fall_color_in_ozarks/#When:16:43:00Z Each October, as summer’s warmth ebbs and Missourians unpack sweaters, the Show-Me State’s forests kindle leafy fires to usher in autumn. This year, the fires will burn brightest in the Ozarks. Poets wax eloquent about the impending season of splendor, while scientists focus on the interaction of weather and pigments. Most of us just want to know where… Pursuits, Destinations, Missouri Destinations 2011-10-04T16:43:00-06:00 MDC Bans Porous-Soled Waders to Help Protect Trout Waters from Invasive Algae /article/mdc_bans_porous_soled_waders_to_help_protect_trout_waters_from_invasive_alg/ /article/mdc_bans_porous_soled_waders_to_help_protect_trout_waters_from_invasive_alg/#When:16:35:00Z In anticipation of upcoming winter trout fishing, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) encourages trout anglers to help prevent the spread of a new threat to Missouri’s cold-water streams and rivers. Called “didymo” (Didymosphenia geminata) or “rock snot,” this invasive alga forms large, thick mats on the bottoms of cold-water streams and rivers, reducing the quality and quantity of food… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Fishing 2011-10-04T16:35:00-06:00 MDC Gives $306,000 in TRIM Grants for Community Forest Improvements /article/mdc_gives_306000_in_trim_grants_for_community_forest_improvements/ /article/mdc_gives_306000_in_trim_grants_for_community_forest_improvements/#When:16:31:00Z The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has awarded more than $306,000 to several dozen Missouri communities through its Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) cost-share grant program for 2011. Among the recipients are three schools, several community parks, the City of Joplin and several dozen other cities. MDC funds are matched with recipient funds resulting in more than $540,000 spent… News, Newsworthy 2011-10-04T16:31:00-06:00 Hiking Trip to Kings River Falls /article/hiking_trip_to_kings_river_falls/ /article/hiking_trip_to_kings_river_falls/#When:16:41:00Z Kings River Falls is one of those places… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Hiking and Camping 2011-09-30T16:41:00-06:00 Springfield Nature Center Event Highlights Natural Areas /article/springfield_nature_center_event_highlights_natural_areas/ /article/springfield_nature_center_event_highlights_natural_areas/#When:20:28:01Z Missouri is known for its varying landscapes. Rich forests give way to grassy prairies in some parts of the state while gurgling streams meander in close proximity to arid desert-like glades in others. Throughout the state, patches of relatively undefiled habitat give modern-day Missourians glimpses of what our state’s landscapes looked like in pre-settlement times. Thanks to the Missouri Natural… News, Newsworthy 2011-09-29T20:28:01-06:00 Ellington Program Offers Info on Improving Forest Management and Harvest /article/ellington_program_offers_info_on_improving_forest_management_and_harvest/ /article/ellington_program_offers_info_on_improving_forest_management_and_harvest/#When:20:27:00Z Foresters, landowners and loggers are invited to free workshops and field days explaining how simple changes in forest management and harvest can increase profits and protect resources. Foresters and landowners are invited to attend on Friday, Oct. 21. Loggers are invited to attend on Saturday, Oct. 22. The programs will start at 10 a.m. at Ellington City Hall and run… News, Newsworthy 2011-09-29T20:27:00-06:00 Learn About Primitive Skills at Springfield Nature Center /article/learn_about_primitive_skills_at_springfield_nature_center/ /article/learn_about_primitive_skills_at_springfield_nature_center/#When:20:26:00Z The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Springfield Conservation Nature Center will help visitors step back in time and learn about the lifestyles of the earliest humans to trek through the Ozarks at “Primitive Skills Day” on Sunday, Oct. 2, 1-5 p.m. Visitors can watch demonstrations of flint-knapping, bow and arrow construction, beadwork, fire-making and how to make cordage… News, Newsworthy 2011-09-29T20:26:00-06:00 Twin Pines Education Center Features New Exhibit on Turkey Calling /article/twin_pines_education_center_features_new_exhibit_on_turkey_calling/ /article/twin_pines_education_center_features_new_exhibit_on_turkey_calling/#When:20:25:00Z The art of turkey calling and the Ozarks heritage of specific types of calls will be the focus of a new exhibit to be unveiled at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Twin Pines Conservation Education Center on Saturday, Oct. 15. The exhibit’s premiere, which will be from 6-8 p.m., will be part of Twin Pines’ Fall Festival. … News, Newsworthy 2011-09-29T20:25:00-06:00 Earth’s Acidity Rising /article/earths_acidity_rising/ /article/earths_acidity_rising/#When:21:49:00Z Human use of Earth’s natural resources is making the air, oceans, freshwaters, and soils more acidic, according to a U.S. Geological Survey – University of Virginia study available online in the journal, Applied Geochemistry.  This comprehensive review, the first on this topic to date, found the mining and burning of coal, the mining and smelting of metal ores,… Nature and Wildlife, Environment 2011-09-28T21:49:00-06:00 Practice Makes Perfect in Nest Building /article/practice_makes_perfect_in_nest_building/ /article/practice_makes_perfect_in_nest_building/#When:21:43:00Z Recent research from the University of Edinburgh suggests that nest building birds may not be constructing their dwellings by instinct, but may instead be learning the task through experience. That challenges a commonly held assumption that nest building is innate in bird species. Scientists filmed birds at work making multiple nests from grass during a single breeding season.… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2011-09-28T21:43:00-06:00 Missouri’s Fall Colors /article/missouris_fall_colors/ /article/missouris_fall_colors/#When:21:25:00Z The Missouri Department of Conservation website provides updates to fall colors as autumn creeps across the state. Little color is evident right now across the Ozarks region, but a few areas further north are beginning to display autumn brilliance. According to the site, sycamores and bald cypress are getting a yellow cast around Lake of… Pursuits, Destinations, Missouri Destinations 2011-09-28T21:25:00-06:00 Wild Turkeys Make the Most of Break from Weather /article/wild_turkeys_make_the_most_of_break_from_weather/ /article/wild_turkeys_make_the_most_of_break_from_weather/#When:21:09:01Z Given one nesting season free of late freezes or frog-strangling rains, Missouri’s wild turkey flock has pulled off one of the best hatches in several years. Resource Scientist Jason Isabelle, the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) turkey specialist, today released results of the annual Wild Turkey Brood Survey. Each year, citizen volunteers and MDC staff record the number… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2011-09-28T21:09:01-06:00