Outdoor recreation in the Ozarks from freshare.net /article/ en bobk@freshare.net Copyright 2013 2013-05-17T15:38:01-06:00 Snagging the Interest of Oklahoma Anglers /article/snagging_the_interest_of_oklahoma_anglers/ /article/snagging_the_interest_of_oklahoma_anglers/#When:19:54:00Z It looks like a dinosaur. It has the body composition of a shark. Its nose is about a third the length of its body. And, it will give you the fight of your life. Snagging a paddlefish, or spoonbill depending on where you are from, in select Oklahoma river systems has exploded in popularity among anglers. The thrill… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Fishing 2013-05-16T19:54:00-06:00 Floating Season in Full Swing at Buffalo National River /article/floating_season_in_full_swing_at_buffalo_national_river/ /article/floating_season_in_full_swing_at_buffalo_national_river/#When:19:48:00Z Despite cooler than normal temperatures, the floating season is off to a strong start at Buffalo National River.  After the drought conditions in 2012, floaters are thrilled to see the rise in the river level and the number of canoes and kayaks on the river has picked up dramatically. While Buffalo National River was recently recognized by National… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Boating and Floating 2013-05-16T19:48:00-06:00 Bushytails and Bronzebacks Are Legal May 25 /article/bushytails_and_bronzebacks_are_legal_may_25/ /article/bushytails_and_bronzebacks_are_legal_may_25/#When:19:44:00Z Whether your taste in outdoor activities runs toward fishing or hunting, May 25 is a day to mark on your calendar. Missouri’s hunting season for gray and fox squirrels opens May 25 and runs through Feb. 15, 2014. Legal methods include rifles, shotguns, or archery equipment. The aggregate bag limit is 10 squirrels and the possession limit is… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Fishing 2013-05-16T19:44:00-06:00 Avoid Invasive Trees Such as Bradford Pear in Landscape Plantings /article/avoid_invasive_trees_such_as_bradford_pear_in_landscape_plantings/ /article/avoid_invasive_trees_such_as_bradford_pear_in_landscape_plantings/#When:16:45:00Z An oft-planted ornamental tree – Bradford pear – has become an invasive species that harms native plants or trees that support wildlife. Property owners and managers are urged to consider native alternatives, such as the downy serviceberry tree, as they plant new trees this spring. Bradford pears are a common landscaping tree because they’re adaptable to soil and… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-05-09T16:45:00-06:00 Think Native When Replacing Landscape Trees /article/think_native_when_replacing_landscape_trees/ /article/think_native_when_replacing_landscape_trees/#When:18:00:01Z Stately oaks that once shaded front yards lost the battle with drought. Ornamental pear trees that used to bid ironic farewells to winter with blizzards of white blossoms were wrecked by winter storms. As home and business owners set about replacing lost landscape trees, the Missouri Department of Conservation has a word of advice – natives. The past… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-05-03T18:00:01-06:00 Where Does Arkansas’s Abundance of Fish Come From? /article/where_does_arkansass_abundance_of_fish_come_from/ /article/where_does_arkansass_abundance_of_fish_come_from/#When:18:01:00Z Fish are nearly everywhere in Arkansas – lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, ponds, swamps. But what produces them? There are three sources here in 2013. First and by far the most effective is natural reproduction. Nature puts the fish in the Natural State and guides their reproduction and proliferation. … Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Fishing 2013-04-26T18:01:00-06:00 Time to Plant Those Warm Season Gardens /article/time_to_plant_those_warm_season_gardens/ /article/time_to_plant_those_warm_season_gardens/#When:17:58:01Z Despite the fact Oklahoma has been experiencing cooler-than-normal temperatures this spring, gardening enthusiasts need to get their warm season gardens planted now. David Hillock, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension consumer horticulturist, said vegetables such as green beans, cantaloupe, cucumber, eggplant, okra, peppers, squash, sweet corn and tomatoes should be planted now or very soon. “Depending on… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-04-26T17:58:01-06:00 Spring Frost Advisory Means Some Plants May Get Nipped /article/spring_frost_advisory_means_some_plants_may_get_nipped/ /article/spring_frost_advisory_means_some_plants_may_get_nipped/#When:16:02:00Z With warnings about potential frost on Friday and Saturday in the news, now is a good time to remind gardeners that on average the last expected frost in southwest Missouri is on April 17. “It really is best to wait until the frost date has passed to plant,” said Patrick Byers, a horticulture specialist with University of Missouri… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-04-12T16:02:00-06:00 Honey Bees Generating Buzz in Arkansas /article/honey_bees_generating_buzz_in_arkansas/ /article/honey_bees_generating_buzz_in_arkansas/#When:16:32:00Z Despite stingers and an unfair reputation, bees are becoming quite popular in backyards and farms across the country.  With beekeeping classes filling up and registered colonies on the rise, many people are wondering what the buzz is all about. In 2012,… Pursuits, Backyard, Outdoor Projects 2013-04-11T16:32:00-06:00 Top 10 Tips for Long-Living Trees /article/top_10_tips_for_long_living_trees/ /article/top_10_tips_for_long_living_trees/#When:16:20:00Z Trees, like people, have a life span. They live, they flourish, they die. University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist Pat Miller offers her Top 10 practices for prolonging the life of your tree. 1. Don’t plant too deep Planting too deeply can cause roots to encircle the tree and eventually girdle and choke it, Miller says.… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-04-11T16:20:00-06:00 Time to Take Action Against Bagworms is Now /article/time_to_take_action_against_bagworms_is_now/ /article/time_to_take_action_against_bagworms_is_now/#When:13:00:00Z Right now is a good time to take action to control bagworms according to Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist with University of Missouri Extension. Bagworms are actually the larvae of a moth. The larvae cover their bodies with a protective layer of plant parts. In the fall, the larvae pupate within the bag. Males then emerge and mate with… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-04-11T13:00:00-06:00 April is National Garden Month /article/april_is_national_garden_month/ /article/april_is_national_garden_month/#When:21:33:00Z April’s showers and flowers make it the perfect month to celebrate gardening. During National Garden Month, you can reflect on all the benefits gardening brings beyond the fruit, produce or flowers that grow, says a University of Missouri Extension horticulturist. Growing your own food Food is a necessity that can take a big bite out of… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-04-04T21:33:00-06:00 Ozark Mountain Bike Festival Celebrates 25 Years /article/ozark_mountain_bike_festival_celebrates_25_years/ /article/ozark_mountain_bike_festival_celebrates_25_years/#When:18:29:00Z Ride one of the first mountain bike trails in the state while celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival at Devil’s Den State Park in northwest Arkansas April 5-7. Along with scheduled bike rides, the popular festival includes many other fun events, including an evening social. Test your biking skills as you pedal along guided… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation 2013-03-28T18:29:00-06:00 Celebrate Value of Missouri Trees During Arbor Days in April /article/celebrate_value_of_missouri_trees_during_arbor_days_in_april1/ /article/celebrate_value_of_missouri_trees_during_arbor_days_in_april1/#When:14:40:00Z According to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), no matter where Missourians live—in the country, suburbs or cities—trees and forests are valuable to their health, wealth and happiness. Celebrate the value of Missouri trees and forests on Arbor Days in April… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-03-22T14:40:00-06:00 Drought Damage: Which Trees Will Survive? /article/drought_damage_which_trees_will_survive/ /article/drought_damage_which_trees_will_survive/#When:14:28:00Z Last year’s drought left many of Missouri’s trees and shrubs in trouble. As spring arrives, we’ll learn what survived and what did not. Trees can be very resilient and may surprise you, said Tim Baker, horticulture specialist for University of Missouri Extension. However, it’s still too early to tell which trees succumbed to 2012 drought and extreme heat.… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-03-22T14:28:00-06:00 Paddlefish: An Oklahoma Conservation Success Story /article/paddlefish_a_oklahoma_conservation_success_story/ /article/paddlefish_a_oklahoma_conservation_success_story/#When:14:26:01Z The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Paddlefish Research Center in the northeast part of the state has already processed at least 300 fish for anglers this spring. When it comes to unusual, it doesn’t get much stranger than the paddlefish. The paddlefish takes its common and scientific names from its distinctive snout, which is elongated and flattened into… Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Fishing 2013-03-22T14:26:01-06:00 Helping Your Soil Be All It Can Be /article/helping_your_soil_be_all_it_can_be/ /article/helping_your_soil_be_all_it_can_be/#When:15:11:00Z The earth beneath your feet may seem ordinary and benign. It’s anything but. Good soil can mean the difference between a garden that thrives and one that struggles and dies. Plants depend on soil for water, nutrients, minerals and even physical support. You may need to add organic matter to your soil to improve its structure and composition,… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-03-14T15:11:00-06:00 Check Water Temperature for Spring Fishing Success /article/check_water_temperature_for_spring_fishing_success/ /article/check_water_temperature_for_spring_fishing_success/#When:15:09:00Z In mid-March many Arkansans are getting into fishing – if they are not already on the water in action. Spring is near. The countrysides are greening up. Fish should be biting. But the water may not be warming nearly as rapidly as the air around the anglers, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Pursuits, Outdoor Recreation, Fishing 2013-03-14T15:09:00-06:00 Practice Good Garden Hygiene by Sanitizing Tools /article/practice_good_garden_hygiene_by_sanitizing_tools/ /article/practice_good_garden_hygiene_by_sanitizing_tools/#When:14:58:02Z Just like surgeons and dentists, gardeners should work with clean tools. Sanitizing garden tools between uses will lower the risk of spreading diseases from one plant to another, says a University of Missouri Extension horticulturist. “In this day and age we are seeing more and more soil-borne diseases, such as bacterial canker in tomatoes,” said David Trinklein. “Sanitation… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-03-14T14:58:02-06:00 Soil Tests Take the Guesswork Out of Fertilizing Your Lawn and Garden /article/soil_tests_take_the_guesswork_out_of_fertilizing_your_lawn_and_garden/ /article/soil_tests_take_the_guesswork_out_of_fertilizing_your_lawn_and_garden/#When:17:04:00Z Many garden and home-improvement stores offer a seemingly endless selection of fertilizers. What’s the best choice for your lawn or garden? Only your soil knows for sure. The easiest way to make sure your plants get the nutrients they need is by having the soil tested, says David Trinklein, University of Missouri Extension horticulture specialist. Soil… Pursuits, Backyard, Gardening and Landscaping 2013-03-07T17:04:00-06:00