Nature and wildlife topics from /article/ en Copyright 2009 2009-12-31T14:47:00-06:00 Natural Resources Conference Focuses on “Purposeful Risk Taking” /article/natural_resources_conference_focuses_on_purposeful_risk_taking/ /article/natural_resources_conference_focuses_on_purposeful_risk_taking/#When:14:41:00Z “Purposeful risk taking” is the theme for the 2010 Missouri Natural Resources Conference (MNRC) Feb. 3 through 5 at Lake of the Ozarks’ Tan-Tar-A Resort. The conference focuses on helping resource management professionals and citizen conservationists learn how to take risks that help them meet challenges, grow and learn. Early-bird registration must be postmarked by Jan. 6. Registration… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-31T14:41:00-06:00 Eagle Events Planned at Pinnacle Mountain and Bull Shoals State Parks /article/eagle_events_planned_at_pinnacle_mountain_and_bull_shoals_state_parks/ /article/eagle_events_planned_at_pinnacle_mountain_and_bull_shoals_state_parks/#When:15:02:00Z Outdoor enthusiasts can bundle up, grab binoculars and head to Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock for Eagle Watch Lake Tours on Jan. 9-10. Park interpreters will lead the boat tours on Lake Maumelle to search for bald eagles. Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with tours tentatively scheduled for 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m.… Nature and Wildlife, Birding 2009-12-29T15:02:00-06:00 Time to Apply for Wildlife Conservation Funding /article/time_to_apply_for_wildlife_conservation_funding/ /article/time_to_apply_for_wildlife_conservation_funding/#When:14:51:00Z Want to improve your cropland, pastureland or forestland to provide habitat for wildlife, fish and other aquatic species? You must act fast on two conservation programs designed to decrease soil erosion, improve water quality. Farmers and landowners in Arkansas have until Jan. 15 to submit applications to receive cost-share assistance to implement conservation activities through the Environmental Quality… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-29T14:51:00-06:00 Public Forests Managed for Ecological Diversity, Recreation /article/public_forests_managed_for_ecological_diversity_recreation/ /article/public_forests_managed_for_ecological_diversity_recreation/#When:15:17:00Z Citizens who trust the Missouri Department of Conservation to manage their public forests wisely sometimes are shocked to find a timber harvest underway on a conservation area. The Show-Me State’s top forester says a better understanding of forest dynamics could prevent such reactions. State Forester Lisa Allen has a long personal and professional history with forests. Growing up… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation, Parks 2009-12-23T15:17:00-06:00 Conservation Areas Threatened Nationally by Housing Development /article/conservation_areas_threatened_nationally_by_housing_development/ /article/conservation_areas_threatened_nationally_by_housing_development/#When:15:15:00Z Conservationists have long known that lines on a map are not sufficient to protect nature because what happens outside those boundaries can affect what happens within. Now, a study by two University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists in the department of forest and wildlife ecology measures the threat of housing development around protected areas in the United States. In a… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-23T15:15:00-06:00 Winter Bird Feeder Survey Offers Chance to Help Conservation /article/winter_bird_feeder_survey_offers_chance_to_help_conservation1/ /article/winter_bird_feeder_survey_offers_chance_to_help_conservation1/#When:14:39:00Z The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Winter Bird Feeder Survey offers wildlife enthusiasts a chance to spend extra time outdoors this winter. Attracting birds and maintaining backyard feeders for wintering birds is popular in Oklahoma in both urban and rural areas, and people in both places can help the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation by participating… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-22T14:39:00-06:00 Assistance Available for Landowners Looking to Increase Habitat /article/assistance_available_for_landowners_looking_to_increase_habitat/ /article/assistance_available_for_landowners_looking_to_increase_habitat/#When:14:29:00Z The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has announced the opportunity to apply for assistance through the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) for fiscal year 2010. The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) provides cost-share and technical assistance for development and/or improvement of wildlife habitat on private lands. Through a cooperative agreement, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-22T14:29:00-06:00 Popular “Missouri Master Wildlifer” Program Starts in Bolivar Jan. 18 /article/popular_missouri_master_wildlifer_program_starts_in_bolivar_jan_18/ /article/popular_missouri_master_wildlifer_program_starts_in_bolivar_jan_18/#When:22:46:00Z The Missouri Master Wildlifer is a program designed for landowners and wildlife enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about the biology and management of Missouri’s wildlife. This year, the eight-session program will be held in Bolivar, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday and Thursday evenings in the community rooms at Citizen’s Memorial Hospital starting Jan.… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-17T22:46:00-06:00 Killer Catfish? Venomous Species Surprisingly Common /article/killer_catfish_venomous_species_surprisingly_common/ /article/killer_catfish_venomous_species_surprisingly_common/#When:15:14:00Z Name all the venomous animals you can think of and you probably come up with snakes, spiders, bees, wasps and perhaps poisonous frogs. But catfish? A new study by University of Michigan graduate student Jeremy Wright finds that at least 1,250 and possibly more than 1,600 species of catfish may be venomous—far more than previously believed. The research… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-12-15T15:14:00-06:00 Donated Christmas Trees Get Second Life as Fish Habitat /article/donated_christmas_trees_get_second_life_as_fish_habitat/ /article/donated_christmas_trees_get_second_life_as_fish_habitat/#When:14:41:00Z Underwater structure is both cursed and praised by Arkansas anglers. Fishermen may curse those logs and branches that snag their brand new lures, but they know that structure is a key to a successful outing. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is asking that those leftover Christmas trees be used to help improve the state’s fisheries by dropping… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-12-10T14:41:00-06:00 Increasing Deer Population Leads to Ornamental and Garden Plant Damage /article/increasing_deer_population_leads_to_ornamental_and_garden_plant_damage/ /article/increasing_deer_population_leads_to_ornamental_and_garden_plant_damage/#When:14:19:00Z With more than a half million white-tailed deer in Oklahoma, many landowners experience nature in its purest sense as the deer can be viewed at close range. However, this has become a problem over the years as the deer population has increased, forcing thousands of these animals into peripheral suburban areas, leaving homeowners to deal with damage to… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-12-10T14:19:00-06:00 Dual Personalities: Not All ‘Daddy Longlegs’ Are Spiders /article/dual_personalities_not_all_daddy_longlegs_are_spiders/ /article/dual_personalities_not_all_daddy_longlegs_are_spiders/#When:17:32:00Z Arkansas is home to two animals that share the name daddy longlegs, but are very different creatures, said John Hopkins, extension entomologist for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. “Both are in the class Arachnida, which includes scorpions, spiders, harvestmen, mites, ticks and several other less well known organisms,” he said. Daddy longlegs No. 1,… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-12-08T17:32:00-06:00 Quail Habitat Restoration Assistance Available /article/quail_habitat_restoration_assistance_available/ /article/quail_habitat_restoration_assistance_available/#When:17:25:00Z Farmers and ranchers in selected watersheds have the opportunity to apply for 2010 Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) funds for needed grassland management practices benefiting their livestock operation and providing additional conservation benefits to quail habitat. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation are pleased to announce a cooperative effort… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-08T17:25:00-06:00 Bottomland Habitat Restored at Eufaula Wildlife Management Area /article/bottomland_habitat_restored_at_eufaula_wildlife_management_area/ /article/bottomland_habitat_restored_at_eufaula_wildlife_management_area/#When:17:06:00Z The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation recently worked with Ducks Unlimited and NatureWorks, Inc. to enhance 700 acres of bottomland hardwood forest in eastcentral Oklahoma. The work took place on the Deep Fork Unit of Eufaula Wildlife Management Area (WMA) located about five miles east of Henryetta. The project will allow biologists to independently flood each… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-08T17:06:00-06:00 Trumpeter Swan Reports Needed from Arkansas Observers /article/trumpeter_swan_reports_needed_from_arkansas_observers/ /article/trumpeter_swan_reports_needed_from_arkansas_observers/#When:09:34:00Z Those young trumpeter swans brought in from Iowa last year should be back to the wintering grounds in Arkansas. Information as to their whereabouts is needed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Karen Rowe, AGFC nongame migratory bird program coordinator, said, “We need to know where these birds are and what they are doing. Reports from the… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation 2009-12-03T09:34:00-06:00 Sign Up by December 15 to Get First Issue of New MDC Kids’ Magazine /article/sign_up_by_december_15_to_get_first_issue_of_new_mdc_kids_magazine/ /article/sign_up_by_december_15_to_get_first_issue_of_new_mdc_kids_magazine/#When:15:06:00Z Young Missourians have until Dec. 15 to sign up for the first issue of Xplor, a multi-media mash-up billed by the Missouri Department of Conservation as “nature-tainment.” The inaugural issue of Xplor will appear in February 2010. Recognizing that young people today get information in dramatically different ways than previous generations, the Conservation Department has devised a challenging,… Nature and Wildlife, Education 2009-11-24T15:06:00-06:00 Natural Gifts Perfect for Holiday Giving /article/natural_gifts_perfect_for_holiday_giving/ /article/natural_gifts_perfect_for_holiday_giving/#When:14:58:00Z You can save shoe leather, gas money and shopping time by doing holiday shopping with the Missouri Department of Conservation. You can save money too. One way to save money is a special deal on Missouri’s two conservation-related calendars. The Outdoor Heritage Calendar ($7), now in its second year, has day-to-day entries marking the progression of the sporting… Nature and Wildlife, Conservation, Nature Photography 2009-11-24T14:58:00-06:00 Eagle Days Start December 5 /article/eagle_days_start_december_5/ /article/eagle_days_start_december_5/#When:04:12:00Z Five events starting in December offer Missourians a chance to see bald eagles in the wild and indoors. Thousands of bald eagles come to Missouri each winter. The number and location depends on weather. Because they rely on fish and waterfowl for food, eagles migrate as far south each winter as necessary to find open water. Missouri’s big… Nature and Wildlife, Birding 2009-11-21T04:12:00-06:00 Backyard Habitats Can Be Havens for Birds /article/backyard_habitats_can_be_havens_for_birds/ /article/backyard_habitats_can_be_havens_for_birds/#When:14:23:00Z Having a full bird feeder with no birds around may seem like preparing a home-cooked meal but having no one around to eat it. Simply putting out birdseed is only one facet of creating a backyard bird habitat, said Sherri Sanders, county extension agent-agriculture with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. “Attracting birds to your yard usually… Nature and Wildlife, Birding 2009-11-16T14:23:00-06:00 ‘Pet’ Deer Can’t Be Sold, Swapped or Given Away /article/pet_deer_cant_be_sold_swapped_or_given_away/ /article/pet_deer_cant_be_sold_swapped_or_given_away/#When:16:56:00Z You think it would be fun to have a pet deer? Maybe, for a while. But the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission doesn’t recommend wildlife as pets. Period. They are legal, though, with some strong rules applying. Deer that… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-11-12T16:56:00-06:00 Ants Friendly to Some Trees, Not Others /article/ants_friendly_to_some_trees_not_others/ /article/ants_friendly_to_some_trees_not_others/#When:15:48:00Z new research suggests that when they run out of space in their trees of choice, the ants can get destructive to neighboring trees. The research, published in the November issue of the American Naturalist, is the first to document that ants bore into live trees, and it reopens a centuries-old debate on the relationship between ants and plants.… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-11-09T15:48:00-06:00 Study Reveals How Plants and Bacteria ‘Talk’ to Thwart Disease /article/study_reveals_how_plants_and_bacteria_talk_to_thwart_disease/ /article/study_reveals_how_plants_and_bacteria_talk_to_thwart_disease/#When:15:17:00Z When it comes to plants’ innate immunity, like many of the dances of life, it takes two to tango. A receptor molecule in the plant pairs up with a specific molecule on the invading bacteria and, presto, the immune system swings into action to defend against the invasion of the disease-causing microbe. Unwrapping some of the mystery from… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-11-06T15:17:00-06:00 Rare, Large Birds En Route Through Oklahoma /article/rare_large_birds_en_route_through_oklahoma/ /article/rare_large_birds_en_route_through_oklahoma/#When:11:10:00Z One of the rarest birds in North America, the whooping crane, is currently migrating through Oklahoma and may be spotted during the next several weeks. The migrating population, which is less than 270 birds, will pass through the central one-third of the state between now and the first week of November, according to Mark Howery, wildlife diversity biologist for the… Nature and Wildlife, Birding 2009-11-02T11:10:00-06:00 Nature Photo Slide Show /article/nature_photo_slide_show/ /article/nature_photo_slide_show/#When:14:16:00Z With so many great nature photos submitted by photographer Sydnee R. Crain, we thought a slide show might be a cool thing to see. View: The World I See Nature and Wildlife, Nature Photography 2009-10-30T14:16:00-06:00 Trees Facilitate Wildfires as a Way to Protect Their Habitat /article/trees_facilitate_wildfires_as_a_way_to_protect_their_habitat/ /article/trees_facilitate_wildfires_as_a_way_to_protect_their_habitat/#When:22:26:00Z Fire is often thought of something that trees should be protected from, but a new study suggests that some trees may themselves contribute to the likelihood of wildfires in order to promote their own abundance at the expense of their competitors. The study, which appears in the December 2009 issue of the journal The American Naturalist, says that… Nature and Wildlife, Wildlife 2009-10-29T22:26:00-06:00