Environmental news from freshare.net /article/ en admin@panoramamart.com Copyright 2008 2008-12-23T17:25:00-06:00 St. Louis Metro Area in Violation of Federal Air Quality Standards /article/st_louis_metro_area_in_violation_of_federal_air_quality_standards/ /article/st_louis_metro_area_in_violation_of_federal_air_quality_standards/#When:16:25:00Z The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officially notified the state of Missouri today that areas of the St. Louis metropolitan area in Missouri do not meet the Agency’s daily standard for fine particle pollution, also known as fine particulate matter, or PM 2.5. Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis counties, along with the city of St. Louis, are… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-23T16:25:00-06:00 22nd Annual Bass Pro Shops Christmas Tree Fish Habitat Program Gets Underway /article/22nd_annual_bass_pro_shops_christmas_tree_fish_habitat_program_gets_underwa/ /article/22nd_annual_bass_pro_shops_christmas_tree_fish_habitat_program_gets_underwa/#When:16:23:00Z Springfield, MO---For the 22nd consecutive year, Bass Pro Shops will be utilizing their employees, property and resources to collect Christmas trees for use by the Missouri Department of Conservation and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers as fish habitat. Christmas trees, with stands and decorations removed, can be taken to the area at the northwest end of the… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-23T16:23:00-06:00 MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map Gives Latest Road Conditions /article/modots_traveler_information_map_gives_latest_road_conditions/ /article/modots_traveler_information_map_gives_latest_road_conditions/#When:16:21:00Z Like it or not, winter weather is here. When snow and ice hit, highways and roads can become dangerous.  Fortunately, Missouri drivers can find out what lies on the road ahead with MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map. Located at http://www.modot.org/, the map gives drivers an up-to-the-minute view of road conditions for major Missouri highways. Conditions for major routes… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-22T16:21:00-06:00 Tips for Christmas Treecycling /article/tips_for_christmas_treecycling/ /article/tips_for_christmas_treecycling/#When:16:18:01Z Some trees are decorated with garland and tinsel, some with homemade ornaments and strings of popcorn; others are elaborately decorated with themes to celebrate the holidays.  No matter how a Christmas tree is decorated, it has to go somewhere after the holidays.  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has a few suggestions to help with Christmas tree disposal. … News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-22T16:18:01-06:00 2008 Extreme Weather Events in Missouri - by Pat Guinan /article/2008_extreme_weather_events_in_missouri_by/ /article/2008_extreme_weather_events_in_missouri_by/#When:17:21:00Z This has been one of the wettest years on record in Missouri, and there’s still time for 2008 to break the record for most precipitation, said a University of Missouri Extension climatologist. Preliminary numbers indicate that if Missouri receives more than 2.56 inches of precipitation in December, which would be only slightly above normal, 2008 will surpass 1993,… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-19T17:21:00-06:00 MU Student Grows Tomatoes in Crushed Glass /article/mu_student_grows_tomatoes_in_crushed_glass/ /article/mu_student_grows_tomatoes_in_crushed_glass/#When:17:19:00Z A University of Missouri student has found a new use for waste glass that usually ends up in landfills. Samuel Garrett McKee, a senior in the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is finishing a research project in which he used crushed glass as a medium for growing hydroponic tomatoes. He harvested his first… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-19T17:19:00-06:00 Prairie Chicken Program Pays Farmers Cash Rents to Restore Grassland Habitat in 11 Missouri Counties /article/prairie_chicken_program_pays_farmers_cash_rents_to_restore_grassland_habita/ /article/prairie_chicken_program_pays_farmers_cash_rents_to_restore_grassland_habita/#When:17:18:00Z COLUMBIA, Mo. - Flocks of prairie chickens, historic residents of grasslands, are being managed for expansion in north and southwest Missouri. But they need more room to roam. Farmland owners in selected areas can help by setting aside CRP land for bird habitat and receive competitive land rental rates, said Joe Horner, University of Missouri Extension economist. … News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-19T17:18:00-06:00 Bush Administration Changes Ruling on Coal Mining /article/bush_administration_changes_ruling_on_coal_mining/ /article/bush_administration_changes_ruling_on_coal_mining/#When:16:03:00Z The Bush administration gave its approval to a new environmental ruling that eases the way for coal mining companies to dump rock, sludge and other mining waste near rivers and streams. The ruling allows mining companies that blow off mountain tops in order to reach the coal underneath to disregard maintenance of a 100 foot buffer zone between… News, Arkansas News, Oklahoma News, Environment 2008-12-17T16:03:00-06:00 New Initiative Focuses on Water Quality Improvement in Mississippi River Basin /article/new_initiative_focuses_on_water_quality_improvement_in_mississippi_river_ba/ /article/new_initiative_focuses_on_water_quality_improvement_in_mississippi_river_ba/#When:16:02:00Z ST. LOUIS, MO — A new initiative announced today aims to reduce nutrient and sediment movement into the United States’ largest river system, the Mississippi River. Monsanto is partnering with multiple agricultural and conservation groups that are working with farmers to help reduce runoff from the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico. The Nature Conservancy, the Iowa… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-17T16:02:00-06:00 Schools Invited to Help Fight Litter Through “No MOre Trash!” Contest - by Joe Jerek /article/schools_invited_to_help_fight_litter_through_no_more_trash_contest_by_joe_j/ /article/schools_invited_to_help_fight_litter_through_no_more_trash_contest_by_joe_j/#When:13:00:00Z JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri elementary and middle schools are invited to help in the fight against litter—and to have some creative and educational fun—by participating in the 2009 “Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter Free” Trash Can Decorating Contest. The annual contest is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Transportation as part of… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-17T13:00:00-06:00 Old Coffee Grounds Could Be the Next Biofuel Source /article/old_coffee_grounds_could_be_the_next_biofuel_source/ /article/old_coffee_grounds_could_be_the_next_biofuel_source/#When:06:46:00Z Images of Dr. Emmitt Brown emptying trash into his “Mr. Fusion” energy maker in Back to the Future may not be so much science fiction after all. Researchers in Nevada are reporting that waste coffee grounds can provide a cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly source of biodiesel fuel for powering cars and trucks. Their study has been published… News, Environment 2008-12-15T06:46:00-06:00 UA Engineers Study Environmental Benefits of Green Roofs - by Fred Miller /article/ua_engineers_study_environmental_benefits_of_green_roofs_by_fred_miller/ /article/ua_engineers_study_environmental_benefits_of_green_roofs_by_fred_miller/#When:05:24:00Z FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Every house, store, school, office or other building that goes up on the landscape uses up many square feet of the earth’s surface that once acted as a filtering system for storm water that runs off into watershed streams and lakes. In a research project at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s Watershed… News, Arkansas News, Environment 2008-12-15T05:24:00-06:00 Manure:  Energy for an Energy Dependent World /article/manure_energy_for_an_energy_dependent_world/ /article/manure_energy_for_an_energy_dependent_world/#When:18:34:00Z STUTTGART, Ark. - Some people look at animal manure and see a waste product to be avoided. Dr. Samy Sadaka looks at manure and sees a potential energy source for the future. Sadaka is an assistant professor - extension engineer with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. He has been conducting research for several years into new… News, Arkansas News, Environment 2008-12-12T18:34:00-06:00 Keeping the Holidays Green /article/keeping_the_holidays_green/ /article/keeping_the_holidays_green/#When:18:25:00Z In today’s tighter economy, Americans are looking for ways to celebrate the holidays and make it “green.” Careful planning before and after the holidays can help reduce energy consumption, conserve resources and keep waste out of Missouri’s landfills. To keep your holidays green, you can do a few things differently this year: * Before starting out… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-12T18:25:00-06:00 2009 Natural Resources Conference Focuses on Climate Change /article/2009_natural_resources_conference_focuses_on_climate_change/ /article/2009_natural_resources_conference_focuses_on_climate_change/#When:13:25:00Z OSAGE BEACH, MO—Conservation professionals and citizen activists can garner a wealth of information and engage in discussions about the effects of global climate change on Missouri forests, fish and wildlife at the 2009 Missouri Natural Resources Conference at Lake of the Ozarks. The theme of the conference Feb. 4 through 6 is “Global Trends, Missouri Impacts, Adapting to… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-10T13:25:00-06:00 Wetlands and Stream Project Grants Available /article/wetlands_and_stream_project_grants_available/ /article/wetlands_and_stream_project_grants_available/#When:13:56:00Z Grants are available through the Five Star Restoration Program, which brings together citizen groups, corporations, youth organizations, landowners and government agencies to undertake projects that restore streams and wetlands. The application deadline for the 2009 grants is February 16, 2009. A national webinar for interested applicants will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. (CST) December 12. This… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-08T13:56:00-06:00 Arkansas Governor Releases Funds to Purchase Earthquake Monitors /article/arkansas_governor_releases_funds_to_purchase_earthquake_monitors/ /article/arkansas_governor_releases_funds_to_purchase_earthquake_monitors/#When:13:52:00Z LITTLE ROCK - Governor Mike Beebe has released $300,000 in General Improvement Funds to purchase six broadband seismic monitors that will detect and locate earthquake activity throughout Arkansas. The Arkansas Geological Survey will place the monitors throughout the state to improve measuring capabilities in areas between existing stations around the New Madrid Seismic Zone in Northeast Arkansas and… News, Arkansas News, Environment 2008-12-08T13:52:00-06:00 High Living Standards But With Less Energy - by Phillip F. Schewe /article/high_living_standards_but_with_less_energy_by_phillip_f_schewe/ /article/high_living_standards_but_with_less_energy_by_phillip_f_schewe/#When:13:47:00Z Using energy wisely will help fill your pocketbook, protect the environment, and perhaps improve national security—this according to a new report on energy efficiency issued by the American Physical Society (APS), the leading organization of physicists in the United States. The report, which looks at improving energy efficiency in the transportation sector and in buildings, makes several specific policy recommendations,… News, Arkansas News, Environment 2008-12-05T13:47:00-06:00 Scientists See Rivers as Carbon Producers /article/scientists_see_rivers_as_carbon_producers/ /article/scientists_see_rivers_as_carbon_producers/#When:20:45:00Z A researcher in Vienna says that creeks, rivers and streams are much more than pipelines that transport materials to the ocean. He says that microorganisms living in the water actually play a role in the Earth’s carbon cycle. Freshwater ecologist Dr. Tom Battin, of the University of Vienna, said that our understanding of how rivers work carbons has… News, Environment 2008-12-03T20:45:00-06:00 Missourians Urged to Recycle Older TV Sets in Preparation for Switch to Digital /article/missourians_urged_to_recycle_older_tv_sets_in_preparation_for_switch_to_dig/ /article/missourians_urged_to_recycle_older_tv_sets_in_preparation_for_switch_to_dig/#When:15:28:00Z With the Feb. 17 switch from analog to digital broadcasting for televisions approaching, many Missourians might be treating themselves or someone else to a new television this holiday season. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, through e-cycle Missouri, is working to remind Missouri consumers there are environmentally friendly options available to recycle, instead of throw away, an old… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-03T15:28:00-06:00 Sierra Club, 28 Groups to Release Joint Transition Plan on Energy, Climate, Environment for O’Bama /article/sierra_club_28_groups_to_release_joint_transition_plant_on_energy_climate_e/ /article/sierra_club_28_groups_to_release_joint_transition_plant_on_energy_climate_e/#When:14:56:00Z The Sierra Club and 28 other environmental, conservation, and science groups today released a highly-detailed roadmap, “Transition to Green: Leading the way to a healthy environment, green economy, and sustainable future,” for the incoming administration of President-Elect Barack Obama.  The document lays out a detailed vision for action across the federal government during the first 100 days and beyond, highlights… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-03T14:56:00-06:00 $1.17 Million In Wetland Development Grants Awarded in MO, KS, OK /article/117_million_in_wetland_development_grants_awarded_in_mo_ks_ok/ /article/117_million_in_wetland_development_grants_awarded_in_mo_ks_ok/#When:14:56:00Z The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded six grants, totaling $1,174,834, for wetland protection and management projects in Region 7. Region 7 Administrator John Askew said, “Protecting our nation’s wetlands is a top priority for EPA. These funds will help to achieve environmental improvements in our local watersheds.” EPA seeks to develop and refine effective, comprehensive… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-12-01T14:56:00-06:00 Transporting Poultry Could Lead to Spread of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria /article/transporting_poultry_could_lead_to_spread_of_antibiotic_resistant_bacteria/ /article/transporting_poultry_could_lead_to_spread_of_antibiotic_resistant_bacteria/#When:19:01:00Z According to scientists at Johns Hopkins, driving behind poultry trucks can open up a unique pathway for exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The researchers discovered increased concentrations of bacteria in vehicles that were driven behind trucks transporting broiler chickens from the farm to processing plants. The bacteria, some of which was of the antibiotic resistant variety, was both airborne… News, Environment 2008-11-26T19:01:00-06:00 Coming Career Choice for the Ozarks: Wind Training /article/coming_career_choice_for_the_ozarks_wind_training/ /article/coming_career_choice_for_the_ozarks_wind_training/#When:10:18:00Z With at least three wind turbine plants locating to Arkansas cities and all eyes on Oklahoma as a possible mecca for harnessing the wind to produce electricity, it’s no wonder that colleges and universities in the region are developing programs to teach the skills needed to become a wind industry technician or engineer. Right now, three colleges in… News, Environment 2008-11-26T10:18:00-06:00 Mexico, Missouri Water Turning Christmas Green /article/mexico_missouri_water_turning_christmas_green/ /article/mexico_missouri_water_turning_christmas_green/#When:16:07:00Z Missouri Department of Natural Resources field staff continue to investigate why the water coming from Mexico’s wastewater treatment plant is turning a local river bright green. Specialists from the state environmental lab were taking samples from the South Fork of the Salt River today to determine why a five-mile stretch of the river downstream from the wastewater treatment plant is… News, Missouri News, Environment 2008-11-24T16:07:00-06:00