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Twin Lakes Writers

Twin Lakes Writers is a not-for-profit group whose purpose is to bring together writers and share literary knowledge throughout northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.

The group is headed by President Nancy K. Thatcher-Cerny and has twenty-plus members actively writing magazine articles, novels, historical references, short stories, screenplays, and poems.

The group meets once a month and gives members a chance to have a short piece of work critiqued, so they can get an idea for how their work is progressing. It’s also an opportunity to discuss upcoming writing contests and events.

Twin Lakes Writers understands authors are often looking for smaller critique groups of four to six people. The group has spawned several of these itself out of the main monthly meetings; it’s just a matter of attending a meeting or two and finding the right people.

No membership dues are charged, although donations are accepted to pay for the meeting room. Everyone is welcome to attend, no matter what genre you’re working in. There’s a very good chance you’ll meet someone working in the same field. If you’re a writer visiting the Twin Lakes area from out of town, please drop in for a meeting, or if you’re a reader and just want to listen, feel free.

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