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The Case of the Exploding Thermos

By Robert J. Korpella

First posted on 03-05-2008

A Gentry, Arkansas couple say that a Stanley thermos exploded late last week and covered the contents of their apartment in a fine powder.

The powder is nontoxic charcoal dust that got kicked into the air after the thermos broke open. The thermos, part of a 2005 recall by Stanley, had a weak handle. Once it breaks, the vacuum seal inside the thermos is compromised and the black dust can be released into the air.

In Regina Bowers’ case, the dust settled everywhere in the apartment. She said it coated “everything we own” with the fine dust.

Bowers said she estimated damages to be in the neighborhood of $9,000 because it affected everything the couple owns, including their television, computer and stereo equipment which all got the dust on internal components.

Bowers said she contacted Stanley about the problem and said the company was very helpful and promised to assist financially.


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