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Keep Your Plants from Freezing this Winter

Oklahoma has already dealt with several days below the freezing mark. So as you pull out that extra coat or throw another log on the fire to keep warm, remember to protect your shallow-rooted plants as well.

Kim Toscano, Oklahoma…[more]

By Trisha Gedon, Oklahoma State University

Protect Bulbs From Pesky Critters

As the weather begins to cool down, homeowners may notice the squirrels and other rodents in their yards are gathering food before winter sets in. Unfortunately, some of these yard dwellers may think a gardener’s freshly planted bulbs will be…[more]

By Trisha Gedon, Oklahoma State University

Fall Armyworms Infesting Some Oklahoma Lawns

Oklahoma homeowners should be on the lookout for the presence of fall armyworms defoliating their lawns, an unwanted pest problem that is being reported across parts of Oklahoma. Fall armyworms are surface-dwelling, “climbing cutworm” caterpillars that prefer to feed on…[more]

By Donald Stotts, OK State University

Prune Winter-Damaged Evergreens

The long, harsh winter coupled with last fall’s drought caused a lot of damage to evergreen trees.

The dead branches of injured evergreens, which can harbor fungi and decay, should be removed, says Hank Stelzer, University of Missouri Extension…[more]

By University of Mo. Extension

Conserving Water in the Landscape

Now that spring is in the air, gardeners all across the state are preparing soil, starting seeds or shopping for plants in preparation for a great gardening season. As the weather begins to warm up, gardening enthusiasts will start…[more]

By Trisha Gedon, Oklahoma State University

Soil Tests a Worthwhile Investment for Your Lawn and Garden

Past performance does not guarantee future results. That’s true in your lawn and garden as well as the stock market. If you haven’t had a soil test in the past few years, it would be a worthwhile investment, says a…[more]

By University of Mo. Extension

Beer Marinade Could Reduce Levels of Potentially Harmful Substances in Grilled Meats

The smells of summer — the sweet fragrance of newly opened flowers, the scent of freshly cut grass and the aroma of meats cooking on the backyard grill — will soon be upon us. Now, researchers are reporting that the…[more]

American Chemical Society


Nuisance the Most Likely Outcome When Feeding Wild Animals

Maybe it’s all the movies we watched growing up or the abundance of YouTube videos of deer, foxes and coyotes feeding from our backyards. Whatever the reason, we have an unrealistic view about feeding wildlife, and it can result in…[more]

By University of Arkansas

Imported Pest of Crape Myrtles Spotted in Little Rock

About a decade after being first spotted in Texas, an imported pest of crape myrtles has been found in Arkansas, extension entomologists for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture said.

An import from Asia, the crape myrtle bark…[more]

By University of Arkansas

Take Steps to Prevent Salt Damage to Home Landscape

During the winter, people rush to the car wash to rid their vehicle of accumulating salts.

Just as salts cause vehicles to corrode, it can also create problems for landscape plants according to Patrick Byers, a horticulture specialist with University…[more]

By University of Mo. Extension
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