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First Time Hickory Nut Pie

The idea of a hickory nut pie isn’t all that far-fetched in these days of organic eating and natural living. However, I wanted to make a hickory nut pie more to connect with the past than to keep up with…[more]

By Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Spoons, Knives and Woolly Bears: the Art of Folkways Winter Predictions

Do knives, spoons in seeds and woolly bear stripes translate into an accurate winter forecast?

Last year, the majority of persimmon seeds found by Extension personnel had spoon shapes, indicating lots of wet, heavy snow. The Christmas 2012 blizzard and…[more]

By University of Arkansas

The Dollar Benefit of Stream Revitalization

Here’s a refreshing bit of news. Rather than focus on the costs of cleaning up a polluted stream, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) celebrated the jobs, and the millions of dollars in value the restoration project contributed to a local…[more]

By Robert J. Korpella

Pan’er Mountain

I got to spend some time with an old friend not long ago. Many years had sailed between visits, brought on by a lack of time, other priorities, whatever the reason.

The beginning of our conversation was tenuous. Some…[more]

By Robert J. Korpella

Spring Peepers

I look forward to those harbingers of spring each year. Spring peepers occupy a little hollow near my house, and they start calling in mid, sometimes early March each year. My friend and fellow Master Naturalist, Bob Kipfer, captured some…[more]

By Robert J. Korpella

Hog Farm Threatens the Buffalo

In the 1960s and early 1970s, Dr. Neil Compton and a host of others fought the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about that organization’s plan to dam the Buffalo River. Dr. Compton and his team won that fight.


By Robert J. Korpella

Floating the Bird Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count was last weekend. It rolls around the middle of February each year, and it’s a great excuse to grab an extra cup of coffee and a recliner, then sit back and enjoy the comings and…[more]

By Robert J. Korpella

Folkways: Persimmon Seed Predictions for Winter

Long before computer models for forecasting the winter ahead, there were simpler, folksier tools: persimmon seeds, woolly bear caterpillars and squirrels.

“There are long-held traditions about looking to nature for signs of the weather ahead,” said Tamara Walkingstick, associate director…[more]

By University of Arkansas

The Scoop on Dirt

We’ve become a society addicted to cleanliness. Grocery cart corrals have sanitizing wipes available, and hand sanitizers are at nearly every desk and in many purses. Not that cleanliness is all bad, but the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) says a…[more]

By Robert J. Korpella

Songbirds and Outdoor Cats - A Deadly Combination

Non-native species almost always exact a toll on the natives. Large crayfish overpower smaller varieties, Japanese beetles decimate tree leaves, kudzu engulfs about anything that isn’t moving too fast, and both feral and house cats significantly diminish songbird populations.


By Robert J. Korpella
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