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Researchers Introduce Macrosystems Approach to Study Stream Ecology

Kansas State University scientists and collaborators have developed a new method for studying a variety of streams—including tropical, prairie or forested streams—across continents.

Walter Dodds, university distinguished professor of biology, has led the researchers in creating the Stream Biome Gradient…[more]

Kansas State University


Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed as Threat to White Fringetree

The emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis), also known as EAB, is an invasive insect pest from Asia that has killed millions of trees in the United States and Canada and has caused billions of dollars of damage since it was…[more]

Entomological Society of America


Little Evidence Conservation Organizations Respond to Economic Signals

A University of Tennessee, Knoxville, study finds that nonprofit organizations aiming to protect biodiversity show little evidence of responding to economic signals, which could limit the effectiveness of future conservation efforts.

The study is published this week in the academic…[more]

University of Tennessee at Knoxville


Report Assesses Health of the Nation’s Birds

One hundred years after the extinction of the passenger pigeon, the nation’s top bird science and conservation groups have come together to publish The State of the Birds 2014 – the most comprehensive review of long-term trend data for U.S.…[more]

By Arkansas Game and Fish

Importation of Firewood Banned on Arkansas’s WMAs and NWRs

During its September meeting, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved an emergency ban on the importation of firewood on all AGFC-owned wildlife management areas. Precautionary measures are also underway to prevent the spread of the EAB throughout Arkansas’s national…[more]

By Arkansas Game and Fish

The Cultural Side of Science Communication

Do we think of nature as something that we enjoy when we visit a national park and something we need to “preserve?” Or do we think of ourselves as a part of nature? A bird’s nest is a part of…[more]

Northwestern University


Wind Turbine or Tree? Certain Bats Might Not Know

The study, led by U.S. Geological Survey scientist Paul Cryan, was the first to use video surveillance cameras to watch bats for several months flying at night near experimentally manipulated wind turbines and led to the discovery that tree-roosting bats,…[more]

US Geological Survey


A Future for Agroforestry

Biodiversity is becoming a key topic for landowners to consider. With onslaughts of invasive pests such as emerald ash borer and the spread of detrimental diseases such as SDS in soybeans, many producers should be looking at ways to…[more]

By College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Passenger Pigeon Centennial a Conservation Milestone

Just over a century ago, Sept. 1, 1914, to be exact, the last passenger pigeon in the world died in a Cincinnati, Ohio, zoo.

The sad event turned out to be a milestone, a factor in the rise of the…[more]

By Arkansas Game and Fish

Statistics Show Arkansas Ranking High in Deer Categories

Deer numbers in Arkansas have increased significantly, and this is confirmed by the deer checked by successful hunters.

One tool used by wildlife managers is comparison. How does Arkansas compare to other states with its deer? Remember, Arkansas in some…[more]

By Arkansas Game and Fish
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