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Amber Discovery Indicates Lyme Disease Is Older Than Human Race

Lyme disease is a stealthy, often misdiagnosed disease that was only recognized about 40 years ago, but new discoveries of ticks fossilized in amber show that the bacteria which cause it may have been lurking around for 15 million years…[more]

Oregon State University


Wondering About the State of the Environment? Just Eavesdrop on the Bees

Researchers have devised a simple way to monitor wide swaths of the landscape without breaking a sweat: by listening in on the “conversations” honeybees have with each other. The scientists’ analyses of honeybee waggle dances suggest that costly measures to…[more]

Cell Press


Environmental Conditions May Impact Bird Migration

Wind conditions during spring migration may be a predictor of apparent annual survival and the timing of breeding in yellow warblers, according to results published journal PLOS ONE by Anna Drake from Simon Fraser University in Canada.

Migratory birds play…[more]



Dangerous to Be Young

There’s a reason why there is less singing outside your window. Nearly one-third of songbird species across North America are experiencing long-term declines.

Scientists have spent years researching potential causes for these population declines, focusing on the birds when they…[more]

By College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Emerald Ash Borers in U.S. Long Before First Detection

New research at Michigan State University shows that the uber-destructive emerald ash borer arrived at least 10 years before it was first identified in North America.

The study, published in the current issue of journal Diversity and Distributions, shows that…[more]

Michigan State University


New Salamander Species Discovered in Arkansas

Researchers from the University of Tulsa and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission announced today the discovery of a new and unique species of aquatic salamander found at Lake Catherine State Park, near Hot Springs. A scientific paper describing the…[more]

By Arkansas Game and Fish

Two Rehabilitated Eagles Take Wing on Little Red River

After serious injury, surgery and months of rehabilitation, two adult bald eagles were released Saturday, March 29, near the Little Red River just downstream from Greers Ferry Dam. Their recovery and release was the result of work by Rodney Paul,…[more]

By Arkansas Game and Fish

Bat Outside Blanchard Springs Caverns Tests Positive for White-Nose Syndrome

A bat found dead outside an entrance to Blanchard Springs Caverns has tested positive for white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease deadly to bats. The tri-colored bat was sent to the Southeast Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study at the University of Georgia…[more]

By Arkansas Game and Fish

Excessive Deer Populations Hurt Native Plant Biodiversity

Too much garlic mustard in your neighborhood forest? Actually, the problem may be too many deer.

A research team led by Susan Kalisz, professor of evolutionary ecology in the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Biological Sciences, took a long view…[more]

University of Pittsburgh


Winter Fish Kills Are No Cause for Alarm

The sun comes out and the temperature climbs bravely into the 40s. You shake off cabin fever with a stroll around a lake or pond and through the neighborhood. Birds are singing and the fish in the pond are… dead!

By Jim Low, Missouri Dept. of Conservation
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